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    Intuitive Readings Return {Just In Time For Halloween!}


    If there’s one thing that my sabbatical I’ve taken has taught me, it’s that stepping back truly can do wonders for your perception! This has been a year of contradictions, that’s for sure. I swore off business, I ran away from Periscope, and I shut down one of the most important things that I do; intuitive readings. There were a lot of reasons why I did that, not the least of which was burnout from last Halloween’s reading chaos, but also because…

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  • sc1024

    Soul Compass for October 24 – 31

    Happy October everyone! I’ve just finished moving and I’m about done getting all settled back into my place. I’m going to have a LOT to say about this recent moving in…

  • soulcompassfeatsept12

    Soul Compass for Sept 12 – 18

    This week’s Soul Compass is going to be a short one. I’ve found myself in a bit of a crazy situation once again. I’m moving. Again. And funny enough, I’m moving…

  • SoulCompassboat

    Soul Compass for Sept 5 – 11

    Happy Monday and Happy Labor Day to everyone here in the States! This week’s Soul Compass reading is going to be a little different. A few weeks ago I went to…

  • SoulCompassAug29

    Soul Compass for Aug 29 – Sept 4

    August is now officially winding down. Summer is coming to a close. I noticed for the first time last night that the sun is notably setting a little earlier in the evening.…

  • SoulCompassAug22Feature

    Soul Compass for Aug 22 – 28

    August is starting to come to an end, and we’re almost ready to greet September. I love this time of year because in a lot of ways it’s a chance for…

  • SoulCompassAug15feature

    Soul Compass for Aug 15 – 21

    This week I’m excited to use a new oracle deck that I absolutely have to recommend to anyone out there that wants to get more into intuitive reading. I know a…

  • soulcompassdanceaug8

    Soul Compass for Aug 8 – 14

    Where are you going to point your soul this week? I decided to try out a new deck for our Soul Compass reading for the second week of August. This isn’t…

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