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Be wild, be daring…make your own magick and follow your own spiritual path!


I’m Jess Carlson and I’m so glad you’ve found your way here.

Have you ever wondered if witchcraft is real and if magick can actually help you with your life? Did you play with a ouija board at a sleepover and laugh with your girlfriends as you stuck pins in a doll that you said was your ex? Did you buy some tarot cards as a goof at the mall once and then pretend to give your friends readings? And did you think you were just making it all up and you actually surprised someone with accurate information?

Chances are if you’re here, you have, but don’t worry, I have too, and so have a lot of us. 

These are just a few of the little ways we get curious about magick, especially when we were younger. I always say it doesn’t matter how you got here, just that you got here.

So hey there! I’m Jess!

I’m an intuitive reader, Witch, blogger, and spiritual teacher who loves helping those looking for knowledge on the magickal and mystical. Helping people learn to harness their inner badass witch goddess {or god} so they can become confident and empowered to take inspired action toward their dreams is what I’m here to do.

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How I Got Here…

In Boston {1998} getting ready for a club night bound to end in drunken stumbling.

In Boston {1998} getting ready for a club night bound to end in drunken stumbling.

Today my life is full of love, peace, creativity and abundance.  But don’t be fooled because its wasn’t always like this.

When I was in my early 20s I started to head down a crazy downward spiral of a path.  I quickly found myself in a series of terrible and emotionally abusive relationships.  I was spending many of my nights out at clubs and shows with friends taking far too much advantage of dollar drinks.

5 years into this chaos I had dealt with a small drug overdose, a seriously damaging emotionally abusive relationship and a constant eviction dodging situation at the beginning of each month since I wasn’t making enough money to cover my rent anymore.  It felt like things were never going to get any better.

After spending time reflecting on a six month period where all of this had gotten really, really bad I had a breaking point.  A terrible 3am drunk texting exchange with a guy I was dating made me realize it was time to get real about what I actually wanted. I declared that I was done with anything and anyone that made me feel anything but happy, amazing and spiritually fulfilled.

I had come so far away from my spiritual practice at this point but I knew that there was a spiritual reason for what happening and that meant there was also a spiritual solution.

somethingfunnyChange doesn’t just HAPPEN it’s MANIFESTED and the only person that can do that is you!

I picked myself up started getting my spiritual and energetic health back in order.  I ditched the drugs and booze that were getting in the way and let go of many friendships that were toxic. I got back to the meditation altar and yoga mat and slowly, with just 5 minutes a day, I got my practice together again and used those tools to get my head back on track.

Today I feel like I dodged a bullet!  Sure, I still have rough days {who doesn’t} but now I live in the sunshine of SoCal {which honestly I can give or take since I’d rather be in Boston} in a beautiful luxury apartment, get to spend my days deep in connection with spirit and creativity while sharing the wisdom I’ve gained over the years with amazing women who are looking to better their lives.


When it comes to my spiritual journey…

Photo May 04, 4 44 50 PMI got started on my spiritual journey when I was really young.  I was 8 years old going to Catholic CCD classes and I had a realization then that something wasn’t right.  I loved the image of Mary and the concept of the divine mother but couldn’t figure out why she wasn’t as important as Jesus.  I mean, come on!  No Mary no Jesus!

My Mom took my sister and I to the library every week and we had to take out a few books to read.  Even at 8 and 9 years old I knew I was far more into non-fiction books where I would learn something new than just reading a story {though later on in my early teens I’d discover the wonder of Steven King and quickly become a horror fiction fan}. I took out a book on witches and magick which lead me to learning about tarot cards and crystals.

It felt like someone turned on a light inside!  I was so interested and intrigued and my magickal mystic heart was totally turned on.

When I was 10 years old my grandmother got me my first deck of tarot cards in an attempt to keep me from blending together every deck of playing cards in her house so I could “do readings”.  When I was 11 I started learning about Wicca and when I was 13 I was full fledged practicing the Craft solo.

In 2013 I started to drift a bit away from hardcore Craft and back to practices that saved me from myself when I was 26.  I dove head first back into Buddhism, new age teachings, crystal healing, energy work and meditation. Now I follow no tradition other than the Tradition of Jess which is full of magick, ritual and spirit – and whatever the hell makes my little mystical heart sing!

Are You In The Right Place?

If you’re looking for information on things like this, then you’re in the right place!

  • Witchcraft
  • Magick
  • Spellcraft
  • Ritual
  • Meditation
  • New Age Spirituality
  • Pagan Beliefs
  • Gods and Goddesses
  • Energy Work
  • Connecting With Nature
  • Law of Attraction
  • Manifesting

You’re especially in the right place if you’re looking for that information to be delivered with a serious dose of honesty and humor. I don’t bullshit, I don’t coddle, and I don’t sugar coat. Witches are strong, self-sufficient, and proactive. Those are the kinds of people I like I work with, and those are the kinds of people who develop out of working with me.


Witch stands for Wisdom Integrity Truth Courage Honor


What I Bring To The Table

I got started on my spiritual path around the age of 8 and did my first self-dedication to the Gods on a full moon night shortly after the summer solstice when I was 13. Since then I have explored many different traditions within modern Paganism and new age spirituality and have worked with amazing teachers like Laurie Cabot, Christopher Penczak, Janet Farrar, Raven Grimassi, Doreen Virtue, and others. I’ve spent time studying traditions and practices including Tibetan Buddhism, Odyssean Tradition {trad of the Wicca Church of Canada}, Temple of Witchcraft, Asatru and Norse Paganism, Cabot Tradition, hoodoo, yoga and it’s associated spiritual beliefs and practices, and many others.

All these experiences and studies over the years mean one really great thing for you – I have a lot of knowledge and a lot of hats to pull from to help you learn the magick and spiritual practices you need in a practical and down to earth way.

As of today, my practice is very much one of my own making. I have taken the best parts of my journey and live a bold and daring path of witchcraft and spirituality that suits me. It may not be like what anyone else does, and that’s how it should be!

Your path of the soul is YOURS! It should never be cookie cutter or like anyone else’s. When you’re following someone else’s way, you’re not on your own path anymore.


My Motto – Do no harm but take no shit.

When it comes to what I do…

In 2011 I wrote a book on tarot under my Craft name, Rowan Pendragon.

In 2011 I wrote a book on tarot under my Craft name, Rowan Pendragon.

For 7 years I worked under a “Craft name”, Rowan Pendragon.  I wrote books, taught classes on both coasts and did a bunch of podcasts and radio shows.

Over the years I have helped hundreds of women around the world through coaching, teaching, readings, and healing to get clear on what’s really getting in their way and how to use magick, spiritual practice, and their hidden inner power to get out of their own way and make miracles happen.

If you know you could use a little help like that too, or you’re just hungry for more magick in your life, you can check out my intuitive tarot, oracle, and angel card readings or my digital product shop for ebooks, tools, and self-study courses to unlock that path to magick in your life.

Curious about the pro stuff?

Witchcraft 1

That’s me, third from the left standing, with Laurie Cabot after finishing my First Degree Cabot Tradition requirements.

If you’re the kind of babe that likes to know the pro stuff – certifications and all that jazz – here’s some of that info for you {and you can always drop me an email if you’ve got some Q’s that need A’s}.

  • Registered Metaphysical Practitioner {RMA}
  • Accredited Teacher/Facilitator by the World Metaphysical Association
  • Usui Reiki Master Teacher
  • Faery Reiki Master
  • Certified Crystal Healer
  • Certified Akashic Records Reader
  • Certified Angel Communication Master
  • Certified Paranormal Investigator
  • Certified Tarot Consultant
  • Certified Spirit Guide Coach
  • Certified LifeForce Energy Healer
  • Certified Guide to the Inner Realm
  • Certified Chakra Wisdom Healer
  • Certified Ambassador of Love {angel work}
  • Ordained Reverend
  • Spiritual Life Coach
  • Shamanic Healing Practitioner
  • Second Degree in the Cabot Tradition of Witchcraft
  • Third Degree in the Temple Tradition of Witchcraft
  • PhD Candidate in Metaphysics
  • {former} Desire Map Facilitator

A few places I’ve been featured…


When I’m not writing + tapping into the ethereal realms you can find me…

playing games on my Xbox {often fighting with some 15 yr old kid about the correct usage of flash bangs in Call of Duty}, hanging out at the beach bouncing around in the waves, painting angels and drawing the world in doodle format, hanging out with my husband and our two crazy kitties, obsessing over Pinterest, rewatching Parks & Rec, The Office, Girls, and Silicon Valley over and over. And of course reading and studying areas of spiritual and magickal interest to ramp up my skills and knowledge.

Trivia Bits + Pieces About Me

  • I’m an Aries.  Every. Damn. Bit. {I also have an Aquarian moon, which makes lots of sense.}
  • When it comes to the Myers-Briggs personality type I’m an ENFJ.
  • My Hogwarts house is Ravenclaw.
  • I was going to be stand up comedian but instead decided to take my humor to the world of spirituality where it is desperately needed {stop taking yourself so seriously, babe!}
  • I was a roller derby ref for a while.  I was training to be a player and then busted up my left ankle for the 6th or 7th time and had to stop skating.  My derby name – Sybil Disobedience.
  • I’m pretty much obsessed with Marie Antoinette.
  • I used to have several facial piercings.  If you look closely in some pictures, or when we meet in person, you’ll notice I have a scar under my lower lip from a labret piercing I used to have.  Long story short – I got punched in the face by a dude at a punk show when I was 22 and it got ripped out
  • I often refer to Nick Offerman’s Parks & Rec character Ron Swanson as my “pop culture spirit guide”.
  • I have never lost a game of Seinfeld trivia {it pisses my husband off that he never wins}.
  • I have been lucid dreaming since I was little.  It was something that just happened naturally and as a result these days I tend to lucid dream a lot of my writing and products I create.  Yup, can’t even catch a break when I sleep
  • I was engaged three times before I met and married my husband in 2006.
  • I’m very much a visual person and a visual learner.  Give me a book and I’ll figure it out.  Let me watch a 5 minute tutorial video and I’ll be a master in an hour.
  • I’m a pop-culture junkie!  Reality TV is my junk food. Don’t judge me for my love of Jersey Shore!

And this picture is just everything to me!


Here’s your next move…

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