Love From Above


Love from Above is a 4 week self-guided e-course that will help you learn to connect with the angels, develop a working relationship with your guardian angel and teach you the basics in doing healing work with the angels.


The Angels May Not Be Who You Think They Are

Working with the angels might be something that seems only for a special few.  Many people hold the belief that the angels are only accessible to people of specifically religions traditions.  This couldn’t be further from the truth!

The angels are non-denominational beings of pure Divine love and light who are sent to be messengers, helpers and aids to those on earth.  We are all born with angels by our side, some who are with us from cradle to grave, but not all of have the ability to hear them, clearly receive their messages and co-create our lives with their guidance.  But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Believe me, I never thought I’d be working with the angels never mind leading dozens of people in the last your toward a life with the angels through my professional certification course Talk To Your Angels.  

When the angels finally tapped me hard enough that I listened I was a still and eclectic Wiccan, leading my own coven in fact, and living a very active spiritual and magical life.  But the angels finally found a way to connect with me through my healing practice of Reiki so that I would stand up, listen and take notice of how they could help me and those I worked with.

Since then I’ve devoured books, taken workshops and been healed with the angels help.  As a certified Angel Communication Master I’ve been working with clients over the last 4 years to get connected to their angels and to hear their messages through angelic healing and intuitive reading.

The angels changed my life – without me needing to compromise my magical and spiritual path – and I know they can help you do the same thing.

Love From Above is for you if you’d like to:

  • create a simple but powerful spiritual practice with the angels
  • discover your guardian angels and create an amazing team of angel allies
  • learn to uncover your intuitive and psychic skills
  • discover how to know when your intuitive messages are true and accurate
  • pull together a powerful team of angels to help you when you need it
  • learn to use the angels to help you with energy healing and chakra work
  • discover a powerful process for working with the angels for manifesting your desires

After going through the 4 weeks of Love From Above you’ll have the tools you need and the practice in place to heal your soul and open to receiving the guidance your angels have been sending you since birth.  Not only will you begin to hear them more clearly but you’ll be able to use that guidance to change your life.

You’ll spend 4 weeks diving deep into the world of the angels.

You’ll receive 4 weeks of lesson modules emailed right to you.  Each module consists of a PDF lesson book and a companion MP3 audio lesson overview.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

book1Module 1 – That World Above

  • I share my story about the angels
  • Discover what angel communication is
  • Find out who the angels are and who they aren’t
  • Learn how the angels can really help us
  • Learn the ethics of working with the angels
  • Begin the process of creating a spiritual practice that supports your angel work




book2Module 2 – Meeting The Angels

  • Find out how the ego and the angels work together
  • Learn how to tell the difference between ego guidance and divine guidance
  • Get the low down on who the archangels are and what they can do for you
  • Discover how to connect with the archangels for healing and support
  • Begin the process of developing a connection with your guardian angels
  • Learn how your lifestyle impacts how you receive intuitive and angelic guidance

{During this week you’ll also receive a bonus of my Meet Your Guardian Angel meditation kit.}

book3Module 3 – Your Angelic Intuition

  • Learn how to open up to angelic messages
  • Discover which of your psychic senses you are naturally gifted with
  • Learn how to gently develop your other, weaker clairsenses
  • Get to know what angelic intuition is and how it works
  • Learn how to heal your psychic blocks to allow guidance to come more freely
  • Find out about how you can learn to trust your angelic messages and know which messages are accurate




book4Module 4 – Healing + Manifesting

  • Learn the very important difference between healing and curing
  • Discover the keys to successful healing and energy work
  • Learn how to do chakra healing and balancing with the archangels
  • Take a chakra health assessment to know which centers need your attention
  • Learn the ins and outs of doing cord cuttings
  • Discover two simple angel healing techniques you can use and also teach your kids
  • Find out what makes prayer really effective
  • Get familiar with the process of co-creating your life how you want it to be with the angels




You’ll also receive a bonus lesson on angel card reading!

  • Learn how to use angel cards to connect more deeply to your angel’s guidance
  • Discover how using the card can help deepen your intuitive ability
  • Learn how to prepare yourself, your cards and your space for doing a reading for yourself or someone else
  • Get 4 of my favorite angel card reading spreads to use for your readings

Sign up any time for the email course!

Since Love From Above is a self-guided course there is no enrollment deadline; you can sign up any time and join us!

Once you invest in Love From Above you’ll sign up to get your weekly modules sent to your email address of choice as well as be given an invite to join my private Angle Community on Facebook.

Once you sign up for your lessons to be delivered to you, you’ll receive your first lesson the same day and then get your next lesson each week after that.

Love From Above is a self-study course with support.

What this means is you’ll have your course material sent to your email each week but you can go at it in your own time.  If a module feels a little tricky for you and you want to spend two weeks on it, you’re more than welcome to!

You’ll be given access to my private Facebook community just for my angels students.  Here there will be other people like you who are taking Love From Above as well as my Talk To Your Angels students.  You’ll be able to get guidance and support from both myself and other angel practitioners, including those who have received their Angel Communication Practitioner Certification while working with me.

You can rest assured that you’ll have lots of support when you need it!


Here are what some of my angel students have had to say…


I feel more connected to my higher self and I have a better understanding of what a healthy spiritual practice looks like to me. I walked away with a stronger confidence in my spiritual practice. I have more confidence in my spiritual gifts and know I need to continue to practice. I discovered intuitive gifts that I never knew existed, or that weren’t always affirmed. I even feel more authentic in my relationships!
Chrystal Brooke


I feel more connected to my spiritual practice. Now I have a better understanding of how significant spiritual energy is in the world and I’m more comfortable delaying with aspects of my spirituality that I was unable to access before. I didn’t realize I was creating my own blocks but here I learned how to identify the issues and resolve them.  Jess is the “real deal”!  I trash her where I never trusted others who purport to have the same skills.  Don’t miss your chance to work with her and change your life!
Patrick Callahan


I gained more depth and meaning to my spiritual practice.  I know without a doubt that I have guardian angels guiding and teaching me.  Now that I have been given the tools to be able to talk to my angels I’m not afraid to ask for help and go to my guardian angels or archangels when I need them because I know they’ll be there to help me and give me strength.  I walked away actually knowing how to connect with the angels and there is no better benefit than that.
Julie Pierce


I wasn’t sure what I’d find or what I’d walk away with at first but what happened was my spiritual practice got a huge boost! I have discovered a new spirit guide who has helped me many times already and the angels have helped me in everything I’ve been doing. Overall I feel a transformation, a lightness in my being and many releases and shifts in a very short time.  Inviting the angels into my chakras was DA BOMB! I’ve done chakra work for many years and that was a quantum leap for me.  I feel I got 100 times more than I expected from it.  It’s a game-changer.
Sheri MorningStar


If you’re ready to open up your life to all the possibilities that come from a deep spiritual connection to the angels as your allies, get started with some Love From Above today!

Sign up and join us in the angel movement!

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