Congrats to this week’s Winner!

A big WOOHOO goes out to Elicia, this week’s freebie winner who correctly answered our trivia question for the week. Everyone who answered answered correctly so everyone’s name was thrown in the cauldron and Elicia was the luck winner!

The question this week was:
Z. Budapest founded her coven on the Winter Solstice in 1971. What was it called?

Elicia answered B. The Susan B. Anthony Coven which was the correct answer.
Honorable mention goes to Liz for commenting that The Compost Coven was originally Starhawk’s. 🙂

Elicia will be receiving a free tarot reading from me with a great spread called The Tree of Life which in many ways shows and creates your personal “tree of life” looking at many of the different branches that create your personal tree! Remember, you can have this reading, along with many other types of tarot, rune, crystal and psychic readings by contacting me either though email, at my website or through my LivePerson page. All readings are confidential, reasonably priced, and come with a free follow-up consultation if needed.

In the meantime keep checking out the blog and make sure to pop in on Monday’s when I offer up the weekly freebie!

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