February Full Storm Moon

On Friday we’ll be moving into our February full moon. This moon is known as the Storm Moon. The name is derived from the Native American traditions of North America where, before global warming and crazy changes in our weather, February would see some of the heaviest storms of the year.

This moon is also known as the Snow Moon, for obvious reasons, and the Hunger Moon, because of the scarcity of animals for hunting and the real possibility of people going hungry. You might also hear this moon called the Quickening Moon in some Wiccan traditions. This is because during the month of February and the sabbath of Imbolc the quickening of life in the belly and within the earth is celebrated as its first signs begin to show.


What can you do with the Storm Moon?

Whatever you choose to call this moon, the February full moon is a great time to address things that can focus on these things of lack, conflict, and rebirth and renewal.

I honestly like the idea of using this as a time to connect with the idea of storms. We all go through stormy periods in our lives. This moon gives us a chance to directly work with the concept of storm energy to face those challenges and even fix the problems or “storms” we may have caused in our own lives or the lives of others.


And this storm moon is in leo!

This month’s Storm Moon happens in the sign of Leo. This is a fire sign that brings some hot, fiery, masculine energy. I love this because it puts some fierceness into that otherwise soft and fluid feminine energy of the full moon.

A full moon in Leo is a great time to work on matters that involve confidence, eloquence, and determination. Which is perfect because that’s what we’re going to do with this month’s full moon spell! We’re going to focus on drawing in and manifesting the confidence to face our challenges, the eloquence to speak our truth, and the determination to weather the storm.


Oh, and a lunar eclipse! 

As an additional note, this moon also happens during a lunar eclipse. I know a lot of people get excited for working magick during an eclipse, but many people don’t know why. What can they really do during an eclipse? What is a lunar eclipse really good for?

To keep it really simple, consider what happens to the moon during a lunar eclipse. As the shadow of the earth passes over the moon it basically goes through a full lunar cycle in one night. It is a time when we can work with light and dark magick because all phases of the moon will be present.

If you’re working with the Goddess in your work, you can draw on her aspects as the Goddess of Transformation or Goddess of Passage. You can call on her to help you bring renewal and rebirth, or simply help you to manifest your specific intention more quickly since she’s moving through all her phases.



Full Storm Moon Spell for February 2017

This month we’re keeping things simple. You’re going to really focus on intention, visualization, and emotion.


You’ll Need:

  • 1 Gray candle {or white if you can’t get gray}
  • A few teaspoons of Deer’s Tongue {the herb, not an actual deer’s tongue – Substitute with vanilla if needed}
  • High John the Conquerer Root {large one if you can get it}
  • Lavender Oil
  • Gray or white cloth or spell bag
  • Candle holder
  • Something to carve your candle with
  • Storm Moon Spell Mat printed
  • Lighter
  • Regular altar tools as desired



As always, start by setting your sacred space. Smudge, cast a circle, do whatever it is that you feel is needed to purify your area and create this ritual space. Feel free to add other candles, incense or other ritual items to this as you see fit.

Start by holding your candle and taking a few deep breaths. Focus on the energy of the candle and visualize white light filling the candle from your hands, removing any unwanted energies or vibrations.

Take your carving tool and carve your name in one side of the candle. On the other side, in one or two words, write what it is that you need to overcome. What is the storm brewing in your life that you wish to have command over? What challenge do you want to have the confidence, eloquence, and determination to face?

Once you’re candle is carved use a little bit of the Lavender oil to anoint it. Do this in full, complete strokes going from the top to the bottom of the candle.

Once oiled, you have a couple choices of what to do next. You can simply place your candle in your holder, or you can roll your candle in a little bit of the Deer’s Tongue to dress it with the herb. If you do this, be careful! You want to avoid herbs getting on the wick or the top of the candle. When you burn your candle, especially with herbs on it, you do not want to leave this unattended! Falling herbs can start fires and herbed candles can flame up.

Once your candle is n the holder, sprinkle Deer’s Tongue around it in a clockwise circle. Using the herbs, draw a line down from the center of the candle holder base to the place where your High John Root will be.

Light your candle. If you’re using any incense, light this as well.

Hold your High John Root in your receptive hand {the hand you don’t write with} and think about the situation you’re addressing. How does it feel to be in the storm? What do you need to be able to do or say to deal with this storm? What have you been unable to do or say so far? If you could do or say these things, how would it change your situation?

While you think about these things, holding your High John Root, hold your dominant hand out toward the candle. You could also use a wand or your pointer finger to direct this energy toward the candle.

As you hold this vision, seeing and feeling what you would like to be able to do or say to deal with this situation, visualize energy moving like a circuit. You draw the energy up from the earth and it comes up throng your receptive hand, up your arm, over your shoulders, and down the other arm and is projected out through your dominant hand and sent to the candle.

While doing this recite the petition on your spell mat. Feel free to add in here anything specific that you wish to ask for to help you.

When you feel that the energy is complete, that all that needs to be sent to the candle is sent, release the energy. Feel it run down your body like water, absorbing back into the earth.

Place the High John Root on the spell mat.

At this point you can do any other mediations, visualization or prayer work that you wish to do.

Allow the candle to burn own completely.

When the candle has burned out, gather up the herbs, the High John Root, and any cooled wax remains and place them in your spell back or cloth. Tie it up and carry it with you any time you have to deal with a specific person or situation as part of your storm. You can also meditate with it to draw on this power of confidence and eloquence.


Get your February Spell Mat Here!

February Storm Moon Spell Mat


Happy Full Storm Moon!

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