Thanksgiving and Gratitude

I wanted to take a quick second to wish all my fellow American readers and friends a happy and joyful Thanksgiving Holiday.  As a Witch this is always an interesting holiday to me because I feel like I already celebrated Thanksgiving back in September with the celebration of Mabon.  Anyone else ever feel that way?  It’s interested to go from Mabon to Samhain and back to Thanksgiving and then Yule. I think that the most important thing to be mindful of when we celebrate this second Thanksgiving, as it were, is to take this time to really focus on our attitude of gratitude.  We tend to spend the day with family and friends, having big meals, playing games, watching sports, and hopefully not having too many awkward or tense moments.

But I think that the thing that we can really focus on today is being grateful for what we have.  We might also want to stop and think about what life would be like without some of the wonderful things we have.

There are a lot of ways to approach gratitude but I think that the most important thing isn’t how you approach it but that you approach it, period.  I think far too many people, Witches included, forget to pay attention to gratitude.  Being full of gratitude and honoring those things in our life that we are grateful for allows energy of the same to flow to us.

And so I have put together this free gratitude journal for you to work with!  It’s designed to be used for 30 days giving you the opportunity to spend a month getting clear on what you’re grateful for in your life, something that can also help you to get clarity on what you need to draw into your life.

Because I am grateful for all of you, I give you this gift and wish you much love and blessings for this season of gratitude!


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