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Learning tarot doesn’t have to take years and it doesn’t require that you memorize meanings to all the cards. Approaching the tarot intuitively makes every reading you do powerful and accurate.


In The Cards is a 6 lesson eCourse that will teach you the tips and tricks for learning how to read tarot intuitively with confidence. You’ll be able to find clear, specific messages in the cards without ever memorizing another card meaning again. Soon you’ll be creating your own spreads and giving awesome readings with nothing more than your cards and your super tuned psychic skills!


“I don’t worry if I’m getting the ‘right meaning from the book’ for a card. I’ve gotten so much better at just listening to my intuition to get the overall impressions of the cards.”
~ Cyn B.


Tarot isn’t easy…I feel you!!

I know how frustrating learning the cards can be! You think you have a handle on it and then you do a reading that isn’t right on target and you lose all hope and confidence. Or you find yourself spending so much time reading books or websites and studying how to interpret the cards or trying to figure out what the “right way” is to do a reading that you actually end up talking yourself out of ever throwing the cards! Tarot is most definitely a lifelong path and course of study…if you want it to be! But that doesn’t mean you need a lifetime of study to actually do readings for yourself or anyone else.

Learning tarot doesn’t have to be a long, drawn out process!
It shouldn’t be so intimidating that you give up before you even start!

I started with the tarot when I was quite young but I didn’t get serious about the cards until I was late in high school and into college. I started out trying to memorize the cards and quickly found that not only could I not memorize meanings, upright and reversed, but I always felt like I was giving a reading that anybody could give if they memorized the same meanings. It wasn’t until I learned and figured out some key ways to develop my intuitive and psychic abilities with the tarot that I was able to throw out the books and giving great, authentic, accurate readings that would lead me to a career as a reader and intuitive coach!


Do You:

  • love getting tarot readings and wish you could them for yourself and others
  • own a deck but feel overwhelmed by it and rarely ever take it out and use it
  • worry about doing a reading and “being wrong”
  • have been doing readings for a while but have only read through memorization or with the help of a book
  • want to be able to just pull a few cards for a reading and be able to get information at first glance without stressing over the reading
  • would love to be able to read with any tarot deck regardless of the design or artwork
  • don’t like using the popular or standard spreads because they don’t give you the answers you’re looking for and you want to learn how to create your own spreads

I dealt with many of these worries when I was getting started with growing my tarot practice. Years after getting past it all I developed a way to teach others how to learn tarot without having to deal with these hang ups and just focus on the cards, the reading, and the energy that comes through the cards. I am so excited to be able to show you how to do it so you can just read like a pro for anyone with any deck!





After completing these 6 lesson you will:

  • Know the basics and important details about the mysterious history of the origins of tarot
  • Have an understanding of the myths and facts about the cards
  • Know how to pick the best deck for you as well as how to cleanse and empower it for use
  • Create your own keyword list for each of the 78 cards in the deck based on your intuitive hits
  • Be able to read the cards using my Tarot Detective Method which will unlock your psychic abilities
  • Have a complete understanding of how colors, numbers, and symbols play into the cards and add meaning to your readings
  • Be able to see people and personalities in the court cards to make them easier to read
  • Know how to read the cards in a spread so you can tell a story rather than just read cards individually in their spread position
  • Be able to ask the best questions to get the best and most useful answers for a reading
  • Create your own spreads to answer any question without feeling tied to traditional layouts


If you’re ready to turn your tarot dabbling or tarot hobby into a practice and a habit,
In The Cards is for you!



“My readings have gained so much more depth, and meaning. I see things in the cards I never saw before or thought could be there. I am much more confident when I give a reading, even when I read for myself.”
~ Julie P.

What you’ll learn:

1. History, myths, and the basics of the tarot

  • learn about the history and origins of the tarot
  • discover some of the reasons that we use tarot
  • find out how to pick the best deck for you
  • learn two different methods to use for cleansing and empowering your cards

2. Reviewing the major arcana, the depth of the cards, and psychic development

  • learn about the major arcana card structure
  • get an in-depth review of each of the major arcana cards and their symbols
  • understand the idea of archetypes in the tarot
  • learn my Tarot Detective Method for intuitive card reading and develop your psychic skills

3. Learning about the minor arcana

  • learn the minor arcana card structure and numbers
  • discover the deeper meanings of the suits and their elemental connections
  • learn about the Tree of Life, its connection to the tarot, and how to use it to empower your readings
  • how to use card pairings to enhance your readings

4. Get to know the personalities and people in the court cards

  • learn about the structure of the court cards
  • how to find personalities in the cards and create real life associations for them
  • discover the 16 types of people in the court cards
  • learn about how to use the court cards to represent specific people in readings

5. Add depth to your readings by using numerology, symbols, colors and more

  • learn how color plays into your tarot cards
  • find out the basics of numerology and how to use it to add layers to your readings
  • discover how to do a Big Picture Review of a reading to get an overall impression of a reading in a matter of seconds
  • learn to look for deeper meanings in the cards by seeking out symbols, using astrology, and animals from the cards

6. Bring it all together by learning everything you need to know about spread

  • learn what spreads are, why we use them and how to use them
  • discover the ways to ask the best questions to get the best answers for your readings
  • learn the steps to be able to create your own spreads for any question
  • how to perform some of the most popular and useful spreads including The Celtic Cross, the Chakra Spread, 6 and 12 Month Wheels

You’ll be pulling cards and starting to read them from the very first lesson!


This has to be the best presentation of materials I’ve seen! Jess is exceptionally well versed in tarot and her business experience is incredibly helpful to anyone interested in working with people outside of their comfort zone. She keeps the class stress free (though she can’t be held responsible for self-induced stress!) and is excellent at answering questions, big or small.

~ Angela Moss-Hill


What You Get:

  • Instant download access!
  • 6 PDF lesson books
  • Access to 3 training videos
  • **BONUS** Access to a private Facebook group of other In The Cards students and graduates and the ability to get one-on-one help from me when you need it
  • **BONUS** A Tarot Journal {ebook} full of record sheets for you to print and track your progress as you learn the cards
  • **BONUS** An ebook of 20 of my personal favorite tarot spreads to use and try
  • **BONUS** Tarot reader’s affirmation cards to print and use during your practice
  • **BONUS** A mini ebook of tarot extras my best selling including tarot oil, incense, and hand rub recipes to enhance your work and articles on using crystals with the tarot, how to do a tarot profile for yourself and others to learn more about your life purpose and soul challenges, 10 extra tips for powerful readings





FAQ – Some Common Questions


  • Do I need to already own a deck of tarot cards?

    No, you don’t need to have a deck of cards to start the course. During the first lesson you’ll learn about different types of decks and how to pick one out that will be best for you.

  • Will the skills we learn in this class for tarot also apply to other kinds of reading, like oracle cards?

    Absolutely! The core of the class is about learning how to develop your own language, understanding, and meanings with the cards. The basic techniques that you’ll learn to do this with can be applied to any other decks such as oracle or angels cards. I personally use these same skills with all the decks that I work with and have found it to be ideal with pretty much everything.

  • I’ve been reading for some time and have studied a lot of books on tarot. How is this class different than what I’ve already studied?

    In The Cards is specifically designed for the reader that wants to learn to read with their own style in an intuitive way. When we read tarot specifically from the perspective of regurgitating memorized meanings from a book we end up sounding like every other reader out there. We also end up spending a lot of time trying forcing card meanings someone else told us to believe to fit the questions we ask and the readings we do. Instead, In The Cards is going to teach you how to read intuitively and confidently so you can give amazing readings to yourself or others without sounding like anyone else.

  • Is there support for the class? An I just getting the materials with no one to help me if I need it?

    Yes and no. We have a private Facebook group where you are able to come and join in, ask questions, and share with other students and graduates of this class, but for the most part this is a go it alone course that you do in your own time at your own pace. I am in the Facebook group and I’ll be happy to answer questions and help you along the way but I’m not available 24/7, so expect that I’ll be there to answer questions at least a few times a week. When I can’t there are a number of amazing graduates of the course available to help you!

  • Is this class going to teach me anything about professional reading or starting a tarot business? I really want to learn to make money as a reader.

    Nope, sorry, my dear. In order to help you really learn the important stuff this class is a no-fluff, no-filler kind of experience. I am working on putting together a course for starting a tarot biz that will be available in the future. 


In The Cards WILL increase your intuitive reading skills!



Before signing up for In The Cards I had a basic understanding of tarot and had even done readings. But I was lacking confidence and felt like I wasn’t exactly qualified to seem myself as an actual reader. After taking this course I have grown my confidence and have a deeper understanding of the tarot.

The lessons where easy to understand and though a few were pretty deep and involved, they weren’t hard to grasp. Lesson 2: Meeting the Majors had lots of great information, including the Tree of Life and the Tarot Detective Method. Learning the Tarot Detective Method was the most important thing in the course and I gained so much growth from this one technique!

When it comes to tarot this is the best course that I’ve completed! Many others that I’ve worked through were bogged down with things that I had to memorize and specific ways that I had to learn to read the cards. Jess’s course In The Cards is different and instead has you relying on your natural abilities while building your skill and confidence.

If you’re thinking about learning tarot, get this course! The information is presented in a way that’s easy to digest and gives more in-depth meaning to each card without relying on memorization. The course is based on building you up as a confident reader rather than making you feel like an outsider looking in, which is how other courses made me feel.

Jess is an excellent teacher who created a wonderful tarot course! Thank you so much!

~ Brandy Prentice
The Tarot Table 



When I was thinking of taking In The Cards I was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to follow along or be able to learn to read without looking up the card meanings. Since completing the course I haven’t had to look up any card meanings! I’ve been able to look at each card and really figure out what it’s saying by looking at the images and “feeling” what is going on. I have more confidence in myself to do a reading and know that it will be helpful to the person I’m reading for.

Jess shows you so many different angles to use when reading the cards such as the way the elements relate to each card, how to find personality types in them, and even how numerology plays into the cards as well.

One of the biggest benefits I got out of In The Cards was how to really use my intuition to read instead of just relying on the standard meanings of the cards. The Tarot Detective Method that Jess teaches is indispensable in learning how to do this. My confidence level has greatly increased since starting this course.

The information in this course is invaluable and Jess’s method of teaching and reading tarot is much more organic than any other information I’ve found on the cards. All of the different card relationships shown in the lessons really helps the reader to connect to the cards in a more intuitive way instead of just following the standard meanings.

In The Cards is the perfect way for anyone to learn how to read tarot and I would absolutely recommend this course to anyone, whether you’ve read before or not!

~ Renee Leverington



Before I took Jess Carlson’s tarot course In The Cards, I thought that tarot took a lifetime to master and for certain “psychic” individuals. I had become so intimidated by some of the books out there written by so-called tarot experts. I was an absolute beginner when I signed up for this course. I signed up for knowledge and curiosity.

Since finishing the course I’ve learned to trust my intuition and I’ve become much more confident in my psychic abilities. This hasn’t only helped me out in my tarot practice but in my other day to day activities too. One thing that helped with building my confidence was the private Facebook group that Jess has. I had a lot of fun with the practice readings between classmates, posting pics of our spreads and sharing interpretations. Having other people, Jess included, encourage me to keep going was awesome!

The biggest benefit that I’ve gained from the course is that I feel like now I can separate the crap from the legit in tarot readers and in books. I’ve gained great overall confidence in my knowledge and intuition of the cards. This course has inspired me to build upon my tarot knowledge and maybe go into the tarot business myself!

Should you get In The Cards? Absolutely! Jess is a wonderful teacher and is very knowledgeable. Unlike other teachers who do a lot of chest pounding on what they know, Jess is more concerned that people understand the material and takes time in the Facebook group to explain things and support everyone. As far as clairvoyants go, Jess is the real deal.

~ Margaret H.


patrickI’d never met Jess in person and I am well aware of all the charlatans, con-artists, and scammers who “sell” tarot readings and psychic services to anyone with a dollar to spend. But I’d also been a fan of Jess’s for a long time while she was using her pseudonym of Rowan Pendragon so I took the chance.

Before taking In The Cards I had no tarot practice prior to taking this course. I’d never even had a reading done. But I was ready to dive in and see if I could pick it up and how it could work for me. I actually gained confidence in my ability to implement what Jess was teaching. I not only know how to read tarot, I actually read tarot. Now I know how to use tarot to help others and myself.

Tarot isn’t “hocus-pocus” and if done correctly it isn’t a “con”. For me tarot was about being a tool that helped me focus and develop my own innate ability to sense, understand, and pass on information that wasn’t readily available to me before.

I would absolutely recommend In The Cards! Even if you’re just curious about tarot, take this class! Jess’s infinite patience and the support of other class members available through our Facebook group was great too. Besides learning about something I knew almost nothing about, it was quite simply fun and I met some very nice people.

~ Patrick Callahan


There’s nothing that says you need to spend forever learning about tarot before you can read with confidence, accuracy and power. You can develop your own style easily and learn how to give rich, full readings that people will not only love hearing but that will give them real guidance and insight and set them on a positive path forward. Now is the time to learn this wonderful divination technique because more than ever the world needs spiritual guides and healers ready to share beautiful, spiritual insight in the world!


Join the dozens of people who have taken this course and gone on to have stories like these, some who have even started successful tarot businesses with what they’ve learned in this course!

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