The Law of {Money} Attraction

Without realizing it I’d been working with the Law of Attraction {LoA} to manifest, and even at times push away money and prosperity for years. When I was getting more into the different how’s and why’s of magic and ritual I began learning more about the Universal Laws, which LoA is a part of. I began to get a very clear sense of how we manifest and repel things all the time without realizing it.

One of the big tricks I discovered is that the more we try the harder it is to manifest most of the time. That’s because so often we let our Ego get in the way of what we’re doing. Our Ego might make us feel like we deserve something that we really don’t want or it tries to tell us we’re being selfish and greedy when all we’re trying to do is create something better than what we already have. The Ego and fear are part of our natural state and when we don’t work with these consciously from the beginning it’s hard to manifest from a positive place.


Need, Greed and Desire

Need, greed and desire are three things that get intertwined a lot when it comes to manifesting money and prosperity. Greed is never a good place to come from and it’s important to know the real difference between greed and desire.

We know what a need is. Need is a roof over your head, clothes on your back and food on your table. A need is anything that is going to keep you alive, safe, stable and healthy. Don’t mix up need with a desire. You don’t need a $500 pair of shoes when you need shows, you desire those particular shoes. And there’s nothing wrong with that! When your financial circumstances make it possible there’s nothing wrong with purchasing those $500 shoes as long as you know your needs are met.  This is the kind of financial health, as it were, that attracts more abundance.

Yes, spending $500 on a pair of shoes you desire, that make you feel a certain way, which could be a feeling of affluence or confidence, will actually help you attract more abundance down the road. That’s because your needs were met and the purchase wasn’t made out of stress, anxiety, fear or a negative mindset. You wanted something that you could comfortably acquire for yourself and you did it from a positive place. It’s when we spend money that we know we can’t afford to spend, especially when it takes away from our needs that we create a negative hiccup in our attraction process.

Spending money on things you desire when you can truly afford to do it means you’re not saving out of fear but showing the Universe that you have a healthy mindset about money and don’t fear spending it.

Greed is the other side of this. Hoarding money is something we do out of fear. There is absolutely nothing wrong with saving. In fact saving is essential to a healthy money mindset because it eases worries about lack and what will happen in an emergency. But constantly asking the Universe for money just for the sake of having more money comes for a place of fear and lack, not a place of true abundance.

The same can be said for constantly trying to acquire material things at the expense of your financial health. Having all the things is unnecessary and signals a lack mindset, “if I don’t buy all this stuff now I may never be able to get it later.” Money and FOMO can be a bitch and it can breed greed.

By always making sure your needs are met and weighing your purchasing decisions against greed or desire you create more abundance.


Money and Intention

When you’re working to manifesting money into your life always have a reason for it.  Again, this talks a bit to the idea of greed. Manifesting money just for the sake of manifesting it doesn’t work. Manifesting money for a need or desire that is realistic and fits into your financial health in a positive way always manifests itself in the end.

I say “in the end” because sometimes it can come in an expected way. Putting expectation on how money and abundance will manifest also puts a block on manifesting. Put your request out there, follow it up with actions and thinking that are in accord with it and then let the Universe do the rest.

If you’re going to do work, be it ritually or simply through meditation and prayer, know why you’re doing and what the end goal is. Be honest with yourself about the true reason for doing it.  This is the difference between working to manifest $3000 for a vacation or manifesting $3000 because you just feel you deserve the money.


Be Grateful For What You Have

I know you’re probably sick of hearing this when it comes to manifesting anything, especially money, but I’m going to keep saying it until I’m blue in the face because it is SO TRUE! If you think back on money or material things you’ve tried to manifest in your life I bet you can think of at least a few times were your lack of gratitude for what you had got in the way of trying to manifest something better.

This happened to my husband and I last year. We were living in a terrible apartment complex that we hated. We came into some money suddenly and it was the perfect time for us to look at buying a house and getting out of the revolving apartment situation that we were in. I was so excited to get out of where we were and have our own place! We found a house we loved out in the woods two hours away from where we were living. The process of trying to buy the house was tricky and every day I was cursing the place we were in while mentally decorating the new house we planned to move into. I would bitch about the neighbors, complain about the parking situation, worry about the lack of safety and just in general create a daily list of things I hated about the place. I was doing all of this while daydreaming about how great it would be to live miles from anyone.

The problem was when we moved into that apartment initially I was wicked excited for being there because we were three blocks from the beach and I was living close to some friends again.  But I hardly ever left the apartment. I didn’t appreciate being so close to the beach or being able to hang out with anyone. Instead I isolated myself in a place I hated and stewed in it. I saw buying a house as some magical way to pull us {or really, me} out of this shitty situation.

In the end the deal on the house fell through and we were stuck in the apartment for another month and a half while we looked for another apartment. It was also the worst month and a half we’d spend there.  I believe fully that my lack of appreciation for what we had added to the energetic mess of buying the house we wanted.  We were trying to buy this house out of fear in many ways and that got in the way of everything.

When you appreciate what you already have and you’re going after something new from a positive and loving place, manifesting it comes much easier.


View Receiving Abundance Differently

You know the old saying “a dollar saved is a dollar earned”? We forget this adage when we’re talking about abundance and manifesting money. We tend to think of manifesting as creating or receiving something new, which isn’t always the case…unless it is.

If your intention is to create more abundance or to have more money, saving money is having more money! It’s money you would have otherwise spent and no longer had in your bank account. If your intention is to truly manifest new and different money, make that clear in your vision.

It’s important to have gratitude for money that you save and to see things like credits and discounts on bills and purchases as steps toward your abundance. Even if you know the credit or discount is coming, like an annual credit on your car insurance for instance, don’t brush it off like nothing. Thank the Universe for that abundance and acknowledge that even if it’s $25 it’s money saved that you can use for something else.

Money and LoA often fails for people because they don’t change their view of prosperity at the start. Like I talked about in January you can’t approach money from a place of lack, fear or even jealously when you see others with things you wish you had. All of this creates a block to your own financial success.

See money as something that is always in an ebb and flow in your life and have gratitude for both since they play equal parts in your growing abundance. You can’t avoid spending money but you can learn to spend it more consciously, and with gratitude for being able to spend it, and know that in time it will all find its way back to you 10 fold with the right attitude.

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  • Keisha
    February 13, 2017 at 6:43 am

    Hi Jess! I’m like a year behind to this post, but it has resonated with me. In my early thirties, and just 4 years into a career I mostly enjoy, I do at times feel something about spending my hard earned money. I am however, waaaay more financially responsible that I was four years ago, even 10 years ago! That is in large part to a terrible car wreck changing my direction (wasn’t hurt at all) a little over a year ago, and reluctantly buying a house which turned out to be the best financial decision I have made thus far. I have learned to budget the most important things, and how to manage student loans, and lines of credit.

    However, I opened a Loft account last year (love me some of that), and just the other day, a J Crew in addition to a few other revolving store credit lines that either I don’t use, or a keep a low balance on. I recently developed a penchant for name brands and am looking into designer purses. I also go thrift shopping to look for brands like Loft, Banana Republic, J Crew, Liz Claiborne, Anne Klein, well you get the drift. I think because I just want to explore the material world around me to see how I fit in. I still feel guilty about these things, and I am assuming that it stems from childhood experiences with people outside my family. When I was in high school, I allowed others to tear me down verbally and to take things that belonged to me away–in fact going back to middle school this happened. When I was completing undergrad, I got involved with a man who also discouraged me from having things that would make me happy, and made me feel materialistic if I wanted certain things. When a finished a second Masters degree, I still felt undeserving and it took me a long time to recognize what the Universe had provided me with, and that I should be spending time enjoying ALL of it. I’m careful with finances, and I need for nothing and that is large in part to the Universe opening doors for me. I do write affirmations–I want to travel more so I can meet new people, and feel this is what financially I should prep for. Sometimes the affirmations do not happen right away, and I find what boosts my success is doing spell work that focuses on abundance, and having luck. I’m working through my mental kinks and blockages because I realize that is what they truly are–me holding to past messages that had nothing to do with me at all!

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