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I love it!  Let’s go!!

One think that I truly love is getting together with other spiritual and mystical babes who are sharing their purpose with the world.  When we get together and collaborate on a spirit-driven project the results can be epic!

Republish + Share My Stuff

Think you’d like to have my share a guest post on your blog, newsletter or webmag?  It’s possible I might already have something among my 800+ blog posts that could work for you.  You’re welcome to grab one of my posts and republish it!  There’s only one requirement – you must give full credit to me and link back to  I’d also love for you to email me and let me know that you’re reposting one of my pieces so I can share your site with my followers.

Send Me An Invite For An Interview or Guest Post

If you’d like to have me write something special or specific for your blog or you’d like to interview me for your site or podcast, send on over an email with a link to your site or project and let me know what you’re thinking of.  If it feels like a good fit for me and it works with my scheduled I’d be thrilled and honored to work with you! If you’re looking for fun, witty and spiritually practical posts or conversations, I can certainly deliver.

Places I’ve Been Before



I am one of the featured contributors to the Amazon best seller “Wild + Precious“!


Inner Goddess Interview with Lyn Thurman

In September 2014 Lyn Thurman had me on as a guest for her Inner Goddess Interview series.



Awakened Goddess Interview with Angela Wilkinson

Jess Carlson Awakened Goddess podcast


Joint Ventures + Projects

Think I might be a good fit for your teleseminar, group course or other collaborative project?  I’d love to hear all about it!  Just send an email with all the details on what you’re doing and when.  If it’s fits with my biz mission and purpose I’d be thrilled to work with you.

Reviews, Promotions + Advertising

If you’re running a magical or spiritual biz and you think your product or service would be a good fit with my tribe, I would be happy to chat with you!  While I don’t ofter advertising, I do gladly promote and do reviews for products, courses, and services that I’ve had a chance to experience that I think are amazing.  I try to keep these promotions down to a minimum though, so be sure to take a look around the site first to make sure your offer would really fit here and then drop me an email.

Grab My Bio + Social Media Links

Here is my mini-bio to use for promotions, projects and guest blog posts:

Jess is a Buddhist, practicing Witch, and intuitive tarot reading and spiritual mentor. She works with people looking for clarity, insight, and spiritual inspiration to take inspired action to create changes in their lives so they can cut ties with anything that stops them from living happy, balanced, and purposeful. Jess is known for keeping her teachings and guidance practical and approachable while cutting out the woo woo BS that can get in the way. She is also passionate about creating a full life, not just one spent on the mat or at the altar. This is why you’ll also find Jess blogging and talking about cooking, skin care, makeup, and entertainment. Jess hails from New England, a true Boston girl at heart, but now lives  in San Diego, CA with her husband Kevin and kitties Pixel and Minerva. When not indulging her professional passions she enjoys her other loves: pop culture, boozy brunches, video games, coloring books, and embracing her inner goth girl.

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