Messages From Spirit March 16 – 22


This week is just getting started but I’m already starting to get a feeling that the weekend may not get here soon enough! On Friday this week we have a supermoon new moon with a total solar eclipse.  This is all happening in Pisces at the very end degrees of the Pisces cycle and the start of Aries. This is a huge time for change and transition. If you want to make big changes, this is the week to do it and be ready for it to all blast open on Friday.

This is the time to really open your eyes, get clear about who you are, what you want and let the Universe know you’re ready for change. Anything you commit to this week it’s going to be critical that you’re ready to see it through. No half-hearted decisions this week! If you do things like that it’s going to hurt down the road. It’s time to wake up and be ready for change!

Since the energy of this week is a little OMG I thought a little calming energy for this week’s reading would be helpful, so I’ve brought out the Kuan Yin Oracle.




Mind – Nectar of the Lotus

Body – Sound the Fierce Flute

Spirit – The Yin Empress


This week you’re going to find yourself feeling a bit down and out and drained as the week starts. It might not be in all areas of your life, but in some significant areas you’re going to start to feel that there is an emptiness and a sense of being tried. This is because you’re not taking time to drink the Nectar of the Lotus. That’s the say you’re not giving to yourself and taking energy and support from the Divine.

One of the best things you can do for yourself right now is to start getting ready to give to yourself a bit more because, as we always say, when you’re nourished you can nourish others. All your pushing ahead and trying to make things happen, get things done or trying to always give to others over yourself just isn’t working anymore. It actually creates more blocks that you’ll have to work through later.


When we looking for ways to work through this we find it’s time to Sound the Fierce Flute.  Think about the powerful sound of a flute or a horn and how when it sounds strong and true it shakes up the vibrations around you. It helps to clear away anything that is causing stagnation and helps us to get our heads clear and make better choices for ourselves. This week you need to “sound the flute” and work to clear up energies and vibrations around you so you can be more discerning about how to give to yourself right now.

Remove distractions that you know are there. Make a commitment this week to saying NO to anything new that would get piled onto your plate. Use your powers of discernment to help you decide what really needs your time this week and what can wait until your spiritual cup is more full.


The lesson from Spirit this week comes in the form of The Yin Empress You are meant to be fulfilling the role of giver and healer, especially if you feel drawn to it on a conscious level. Even if you don’t feel it strongly it’s in you on a smaller scale…you’re meant to give and heal and help those close to you. But it’s really hard to do when you can’t give to yourself first. The Yin Empress is always willing to give to others but she knows, as a responsibly healer, when she needs to step back and heal herself.

Part of the message and lesson this week is to know that you are not superwoman. Nobody is! Even the best healers and spiritual teachers out there need to take time to step back and give to themselves and work on their own issues. The Yin Empress is always willing to step back and dive deeply into connecting to the power of the divine feminine and use her creative power for herself so she’ll be able to give to others later.


The big message…

Take time for yourself this week and use the transition energy that is floating around this week as a way to clear the decks and make room for yourself and commit to a change in the way you do things so you can make sure you’re not draining yourself completely and hitting a crisis point before realizing you need to slow down.

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  • rebecca Saunders
    March 16, 2015 at 5:56 pm

    Thank you I work in Addictions ( the full time night nurse ) and worked in nursing for 30 years … Just learning this taking care of myself stuff … These cards confirm it is okay to take of me !!
    Thank you Jess

  • Gypsy.
    March 20, 2015 at 9:52 am

    Spot on. Thank you so much for sharing.