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ChakraCheckinBook The Chakra Check-In will take you through a beginners crash course in understanding the chakras as well as how their energies can be playing out in your day to day life. If you’ve ever wondered why you might be feeling the way you are, you might be surprised to find that an excess or lack of energy in a specific chakra could have a lot to do with it.


DailyPracticecoverCreating a daily spiritual practice isn’t always easy, but it can be done. Step one…stop trying to be perfect. Step two…stop hold yourself up to ridiculous standards that you’ll never be able to meet. You’re not a monk living in the Himalayas so why would you think you’d have a practice like one? This workbook will take you through a series of lessons and journaling exercises intended to help you get to the heart of why you want this practice, what you need to get out of it, and how you can create a practice that fits your crazy life.



We all hear that we’re supposed to “let go” in order to move on with our lives after a break up, a loss, or some other disappointment. Books, friends, coaches…they all say let go, release, surrender. If only it was that easy. Here I give you a complete self-coaching toolkit to finally figure out what exactly letting go and releasing the past means, how to actually do it, and how to finally start making room for the future that you dream of to manifest in your life.


toolboxcoverThere are a lot of things to learn when you’re diving into the spiritual and magickal landscape. Wouldn’t it be badass to have a way to take a crash course in a bunch of those basic things that you know you could use right now to make some change in your life? Things like energy shielding, chakra work, using the tarot, meditation, and working with crystals? Check this one out for a mini course in nine different practical and powerful spiritual tools and practices guaranteed to support whatever you’re dealing with. I’ll also share a bit of my own story of how I went from a total mess headed for train wreck city to be spiritually empowered and living a magickal life manifesting my dreams.


Was 2016 going to be the year that you got your shit together and really made things happen? Don’t worry if you feel like you’ve barely done anything this year, there’s still time to get on the ball. Celebrating 2016/Manifesting 2017 is like a dual action workbook that will take you through the process of releasing the past and moving into the future while being crystal clear on where you are in the present. By really seeing what you’ve already accomplished and being honest with where you are now, you can take strong and confident steps to make those goals happen this year, no matter how big they are.





This MP3 guided meditation is one of my favorites. It’s a little out there but lots of fun! This meditation is designed to help you get connected to the spirit that resides in an specific type of crystal, gem, or mineral that might wish to work with. Each one has it’s own ruling spirit, and visiting a place on the ethereal plane called The Crystal Cave is a great way to connect with that spirit. In this meditation I’ll guide you through a process to bring you into alpha brainwave state which will bring you to a deep place of peace and spiritual focus. We’ll then get protection from Archangel Michael and your guides before journeying to The Crystal Cave. Along the way you’ll meet the Watcher of the Crystal Cave and the Spirit of the Crystal who will help you to learn more about this stone so you can connect with it on a deeper spiritual level. You’ll also receive guidance and information that you can use from this crystal energy right now. You can use this meditation over and over again with different stones and for different needs!