About Me

I’m Jess, Witch, intuitive tarot and oracle reader, and spiritual mentor who helps women unlock their inner badass witch goddess through sharing magickal and spiritual practices and tools for everyday life.  I share tips and teachings on using magick, witchcraft, and spiritual techniques to help you gain more confidence, get in touch with your inner wisdom, and make soul driven decisions so you can live in alignment with your purpose. I’ve been studying magick, manifesting, and lightwork as well as reading the tarot for almost 30 years. I’m here working to spread my message of magickal and spiritual empowerment across the globe though blogging and social media, offering both free and paid readings, coaching, and teaching to those looking for a nudge in the right direction on their path to happiness and abundance.

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What I Believe:

I believe you have powerful intuition at your disposal, always.

I believe you don’t do magick, you are magick.

I believe in feeling your emotions, even the dark ones, and never faking being happy.

I believe there is a spiritual reason for everything and everyone in our lives.

I believe healing is always possible, even when curing isn’t.

I believe the most complete, compassionate, and kind response is sometimes “No.”

The Tools I Use:

In my coaching, healing, and teaching work I use a number of different spiritual tools and practices. Some of my favorites are:

candle magick,  mediation, mantras,  affirmations, prayer, setting intentions, crystal healing, Reiki, angel therapy, Desire Mapping, essential oils, art therapy, tarot cards, oracle cards, mediumship, sigil magick, law of attraction, vision boards, the Four Agreements

When we work together, whether for coaching or a reading, I'll bring all the tools in my spiritual toolbox along with my 30+ years of experience to help you get the most out of our time together.


Being the best version of you means simply being your authentic self. It's not about faking happiness. It's not about pleasing others. It's about embracing your truth, calling up your inner magick, and embracing your badass self in whatever form she takes..