Remember to ENJOY it!

In way today’s post is another lazy Yule post (I think tomorrow we’ll be back on schedule…between sick and busy Yule is slowly getting away from me).  But today here are a few little reminders for you, because we all get lost in some of the craziness of the holiday, no matter how removed from the commercialism we try to be or how small our holidays may turn out to be.  Something always gets us a little “off” this time of year.  So remember to enjoy your holiday!  Yule is a time for rejoicing and remembering just how blessed you are, no matter what your circumstances.  Don’t forget that!

Consider the fact that the returning of the sun is a reminder to us that even in the darkest of nights the light always prevails.  So even if you’re dealing with a holiday where you don’t have a lot of money for gifts and celebrating, or if you are far away from home, friends, and family just remember that there is a light on the horizon but it’s up to you to turn your head toward the sky to see it.

So with that I wanted to expand a bit on the post that I did a few days ago where I shared some Pagan friendly holiday and Yule music.  This time though I wanted to share some of my favorite fun and different music.  While these may not be Pagan songs specifically, they talk to the other thing that we need to keep as part of the season.  Fun!!

And this is a little of a different song from these but it’s one of my favorite non-traditional holiday songs by one of my favorite bands, Audra.

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