Road Opener Meditation Kit



The Road Opening Meditation Ekit is a guided meditation and guidebook/workbook kit that will help you identify the blocks on your road to success and happiness while giving you spiritual tools to make big changes.

I know a thing or two about being stuck.  Like, really stuck!

When I was in my early 20s I was constantly coming up against one block after another.  Like a lot of confused woman at that age just trying to figure out life on their own, I never really knew how to deal with these blocks when they happened so I often just ignored them and tried to push through.

You know what they say – push through the pain, push through the problems, blah blah blah.  But the problem I found with that is that the more you push without knowing what you’re pushing at the more resistance you come up against.

When I learned how to work with both the mental and emotional process of self-evaluation as well as the spiritual tools of Road Opening, things shifted dramatically.  No more bad relationships, no more eviction notices on my door, no more scrambling to get things done because I was too busy feeling sorry for myself lying in bed.  I learned how to open my roads and keep them clear and life never looked better! And I never looked back!

It happens to everyone!  It’s not just you!

Even with having the big breakthrough that I had, don’t think I haven’t had more blocks come up in my path!  I certainly have.  But now I have the tools to clear them quickly and get back to business without all that pain and struggle that I had when I was younger.

At some point we all find a giant unwelcome brick wall in our path as we head to a specific goal or even when we’re just trying to live or life.  Sometimes these blocks come from other people getting in our way but often we’re getting in our own way.

  • When we don’t let go of the past we end up with blocks.
  • When we don’t maintain our energetic health {aka keep a shiny aura} we end up with blocks.
  • When we don’t take action and we give in to indecision we end up with blocks.
  • When we spend more time focused on other people’s lives and don’t have our head in our games we end up with blocks.

No matter what the reason is, you’ll have something get in your road to success and happiness at some point and it can completely throw you off track.  These blocks can hold you back for days, months, even years!

Nothing should get in your way, babe!  So let’s use what we’ve got – our desire, intention, and connection to spirit – to clear those blocks and create a new road map to get to the end goal we’re after, no matter how big or small.

The Road Opener Meditation Ekit gives you spiritual tools and advice to get over the blocks, to move them out of your way, and to clear the roads so you can get back to doing the things you love the most. 

roadopenerbooksBeing stuck by a road block in life SUCKS!  It drains your passion, keeps you from doing the things you love, and can leave you feeling completely hopeless for the future.  Sometimes we think “Well if I just wait it out something will happen and things will get back to normal.”  So we wait.  And we wait.  And we keep waiting all the while feeling more bummed out, more frustrated, and even more stuck!

Doing nothing is just the same as making a bad decision – because just waiting for things to change or waiting for someone or something to come along and change things for you IS a decision.  And, spoiler alert, it’s a bad one!

Imagine if that one thing really holding you back could be identified on all levels – mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  Imagine if once you can solidly recognize your block you can clear it with some simple spiritual tools and practical advice, things that attack the problem on all levels from energetic to intellectual, things start to open up and fall back into flow.

When we’re dealing with life blocks we tend to lack the clarity of mind to see it and understand.  We need to slow down, go within, and work energetically and spiritually to clear the air so that we can get to the bottom of things more easily and create inspired action to change things.

The Road Opener Meditation Ekit comes with:

  • a 17 minute guided meditation to help you clearly begin the process of identifying and seeing your block will giving you opportunities to gain useful spiritual guidance to take your next steps toward your goals.
  • a 42 page guidebook + workbook that helps you dig even deeper into what’s blocking your success but also helps you plan your path to get through it and back onto clear roads.

The guidebook also contains spiritual tools such as tips for furthering the work from the meditation, how to do a Road Opening Cleansing Bath, and how to do a simple Road Opener Candle Rite to draw on the powerful clearing energy of the Universe to open your roads to success and happiness.  And don’t worry, I include my personal recipes for making Road Opener Bath and Road Opener Oil so you can create your own if you’d like.



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Grab the Ekit and you’ll get instant download access to your tools. You’ll be able to start your path to smooth roads ahead in just minutes!

Get the Road Opener Meditation Ekit with MP3 guided meditation + guidebook/workbook for only $34!

With the Road Opener Meditation Ekit you’ll be able to get started in minutes with identifying what’s really holding you back and finding your way back to the road of joy, peace, happiness, and success.

Its time to clear that path and make room for all the awesome things that you’re meant to be doing in the world.  The longer you let your molehills become mountains the harder they are to move.  Let’s get to work on clearing your road ahead – your life can’t wait for you forever!

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