Slow Like Honey

Slow Like Honey
working honey jar rituals for love and abundance


Have you ever wished there was some magical way to get people to become helpful allies when you need them most but they’re resisting?

Ever wished for a way to get a leg up on a job interview or being able to seal the deal on a loan with a bank?

Has there ever been a time where you wished you could get someone to sweeten up to you after an agreement that got nasty, when you just want things to go back to the way they were?

Sweetening magic with honey, sugar, and other sweet foods is just what you need.

Slow Like Honey is the first ebook from the Cosmic Wisdom Series based on the Cosmic Wisdom Camp workshops I teach online.

Slow Like Honey

Slow Like Honey will take you step by step through the folk magic process of using sugar and honey to sweeten people and energies into your favor.

There is always a time in our lives where we could use a little sweetness. Maybe your boss is being a jerk, your neighbor is giving you a hard time or you can’t seem to find love or make new friends after a relocation. At some point all of use needs to sweeten up someone or something in our lives.

Sweetening magic has been used in folk magic traditions around the world for this very purpose. It’s a tried and true way to get people and energies to favor you. You can use magic like this for:

  • Getting a job
  • Finding a new love
Securing marriage
  • Getting someone to stay with you
  • Drawing customers to a business
  • Getting contracts for work
  • Getting a loan for a home or car
  • Getting a judge on your side
  • Stopping someone from being angry with you
  • Ending gossip
  • Smoothing over family rifts
  • Getting a landlord to favor you when multiple tenants are trying to get the same property

When it comes to the ways we can use a little sweetness, the possibilities are virtually endless.


Slow Like Honey will take you through the process of learning how to use sweeteners like honey, agave, white sugar, brown sugar, maple syrup, molasses, candy, gum, and even sweet baked goods like cookies, cakes and breads to tilt the scales in any situation in your favor.
Inside the Slow Like Honey ebook you’ll find 4 sections that will take you through all you need to know.

Section 1 – The Basics

You’ll Learn

  • What sweetening magic is all about
  • The difference between using honey and sugar
  • What different kinds of sweeteners can do magically
  • Different ways you can work sweetening magic in your life
  • Exactly how this kind of magic works
  • What personal concerns are and how we use them in this kind of magic
  • How to pick and use herbs and oils for sweetening magic
  • How to know your magic is working and what to do when it’s not

Section 2 – A Spoonful of Sugar
You’ll Learn

  • How to do an uncrossing sugar bath before doing any sweetening magic
  • How to write a magical petition
  • How to properly create a petition packet for your work
  • How to create and work a sugar bowl
  • How to create and work sugar candles
  • How to create and work a sugar box

Section 3 – Honey: Oh So Sweet
You’ll Learn

  • The difference between working a honey jar and other kinds of sweetening magic
  • How to prep a honey jar ritual
  • How to pick your candles for a honey jar
  • Step by step instructions for creating a honey jar {with lots of pictures}
  • How to create dressed and carved candles for your honey jar
  • How to work the jar once it’s together
  • How to disperse a honey jar when it’s finished
  • Get a great honey jar ritual worksheet to print and use over and over

Second 4 – Tips & Tricks
You’ll Learn

  • Small tips and tricks for working even more magic with honey and sugar

Slow Like Honey is a workshop in an ebook with all the core lessons you need to be able to create these simple but effective magical devices any time you need them. You’ll be taken through the processes step by step so you can get started sweetening up your life today!



What format is the book in?

Slow Like Honey comes to you as a PDF ready for you to download, print, read on your computer or load on to your mobile device or tablet.

What kind of supplies do I need to work this magic?

Most of the supplies used in this magic, and in the way that I teach it, can be purchased at your local supermarket. A few things you may need to go to a craft store or big box department store for and others you may wish to order online {specifically oils and herbs}. Tips on where to get supplies are shared in the book and each ritual comes with a complete list of needed supplies.

Does this stuff really work?

It works if you work it. Magic isn’t about “casting a spell” and then walking away and letting the “magic happen”. Once you do your ritual you’ll have to work it {ritually} as well as take real world steps to manifest your desired outcome.

For instance, if you do a honey jar to get a job you have to fill out applications, send resumes, make calls, follow up for interviews, go to interviews ready to wow people, and so on. The ritual helps to open doors and align energies and channels for these things so they can happen easier and quicker than if you didn’t work the magic. There is truly no “magic bullet”, as they say. This is simply a way to work with the energy around us to get closer to having what we’re after.

I thought magic worked on people was a bad thing?

Working magic on a specific person, especially love magic, is always very tricky. Free will is hard to manipulate, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. Some people will never be effected by magic, others will be easily effected, and yet others will be effected with some extra effort on the magical practitioner’s part. There are tons of ways to use sweetening magic where you aren’t working on a specific individual or where you can turn the magic around and work it on yourself. All I can say is that its up to each magical practitioner to decide what kind of magic they are comfortable with and to just follow their heart.

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