Soul Compass for Feb 6 – 12

This week I’m super excited to use a new tarot deck for Soul Compass! I’ve been sitting on this deck for like a month now and haven’t brought it out on Instagram yet. I’ve been wanting to spend some time with it but I just haven’t had the time. Are ya ready!?!

Disclaimer: I’m totally making it sound like this is some big reveal of something that’s not even out yet. No, I’m not that special to have something in advance of the release and I know some of you have this already. Buy anyway…

This week we have the Everyday Witch Tarot by Deborah Blake with art by Elisabeth Alba.

I love this deck! But as has usually been the case the last few years with Llewellyn decks the actual card stock quality is horrible. The cards are super thin and are almost like paper. This is a deck that will need to be babied so it doesn’t end up creasing and fraying. ACK! This could be a deck I have to have a backup copy of.

So let’s dive in and see what the Everyday Witch has for us for this week.



Mind – Page of Wands

Body – The Magician

Spirit – Nine of Cups


This week the overall energy of the Page of Wands is lingering around, asking us to get out asses in gear. It can be scary to actually get started doing that big thing you’ve been talking about and dreaming of, but consider the options. You can stay put where you are, doing what you’ve been doing which may or may not be ideal, or you can step out of your comfort zone and see what adventure lies ahead.

The Pages are always signs that we need to start something new or that a new beginning is waiting for us. The Wands are that spark of creativity and inspiration that kicks up inside us and makes us want to do something new and different. When we find the curiosity of the Page mixed with the passion and creativity of the Wands, we know we’re being called to do something new, big, and bold.

One thing that can sometimes help this uncertainty or fear of going forward is to not go it alone. Open up to the possibility of finding someone else that can help you, guide you, or simply join you on your journey. Whatever it is that you’ve been wanting to do or create that will pull you out of your usual routine, there’s surely someone in your life that would be happy to support you in one way or another. Find that person and get them on board to help ease your anxiety.


The actions of the week are represented by probably the best possible card, The Magician. I mean, who else is best to show up and give you some life this week!

The Magician is here to say “Listen, you’re being a bit silly. Everything that you think you can’t do, you can do. All the things you think you aren’t capable of, you’re more than capable of doing. Stop holding yourself back!”

To get moving down this new and exciting path this week, the Magician reminds you that you have everything you need right now to get started, otherwise the Universe wouldn’t have put this idea in your head or presented you with these opportunities. All you need to do is just believe in yourself and your own inner magick and get started!


The lesson for this week that Spirit brings us comes through the Nine of Cups, and I can’t think of a better card to inspire and remind us all that the only way to achieve our dreams is to get started!

The Nine of Cups, aka “the wish card,” is a sign that your dreams can come true here, but that doesn’t mean they’re just going to fall in your lap. The lesson with the Page of Wands and The Magician this week is that your dreams and goals are so close, closer than you probably realize, but you have to be the one that does the work to make them happen. If you’re waiting for things to just manifest without any effort or any risk, you’re simply “wishing” but not making that wish come true.



A little nerdy tarot observation…in this deck the Page of Wands is carrying a satchel similar to the Fool’s on the end of his broom. The Magician follows the Fool in the major arcana and one theory is that the Fool is carrying all the tools of the Magician in his satchel but doesn’t know what to do with them. It’s the Magician that teaches him what the tools are for and how to manifest with them. So this again reinforces this idea that you have all you need right now and you just simply need to get going. As you walk the path you’ll learn how to do what you need to do.




Summing Up This Week…

It’s time to actually start walking the path toward your dream you’ve been wishing on. You’ve been standing at the threshold of it for a while, looking and watching, wondering what’s down there. But now you have to get going. You have everything you need to get started and you’ll find the other things you need along the way. It’s time to just get going…stop stalling!

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