Soul Compass for Jan 23 – 29

This week I decided to bring out a deck that I haven’t used in ages. It’s one that has a little bit of a controversy behind it. Well, not the deck itself but the artist.

The deck is the Enchanted Oracle with art by Jessica Galbreth.

So what’s the big deal you might ask?

Jessica Galbreth was, and really still is, best known as an artist of fairy and goddess art during the 00’s. She created some of the most beautiful artistic renditions of dark goddesses and fairies.

In 2012 Jessica surprised the Pagan community when she announced that she was now a born again Christian. She went to various Christian media news outlets to talk about how she was possessed by a demon during these years when she created this art. She talked extensively about the “dangers of the occult” and how she “gave herself over to Satan.”

Jessica particularly upset her longtime Pagan fans when she said that at one time she believed all Witches were good but that she now believed all Witches were Satanic and dammed because they didn’t accept Jesus as their savior.

During her time talking about how the occult was evil, Jessica said that tarot cards are a tool of the devil and she that was deeply ashamed of her Enchanted Art collection which this deck uses.

If you want to hear her story in her own words from one of those interviews, you can check out her CBN interview from 2012 here.

Today Jessica Galbreth still creates fantasy art but with a different focus. Her work is now rooted in a Victorian era look along with some angel artwork. She also has a series of inspirational art featuring quotes that aren’t overtly Christian but have that sort of feel to them.

To be honest, I have no problem with her choosing to be Christian and I still find her artwork beautiful. What I do have a problem with is her need to trash the community that got her to where she was at that point. This is kind of par for the course with people that have spent a long time in the occult or Paganism and then become Christian. As part of their spreading the word they also have to “speak truth” about what they see as the dangers of “the dark side.”

So that’s the story. It was a big deal four years ago and I’ve probably not used the deck since then. Not because of this, but it wasn’t a deck I reached for that often. But today we Witches are going to dive in with this dark mystical deck to see what Spirit has to tell us for this week.



Mind – Gypsy Rose

Body – Temptation

Spirit – Silver Moon Fairy


Our thoughts this week are turning toward looking back at the past to see what we need to let go of so we can move forward with a sense of freedom and ease. Gypsy Rose is here to help us see what we need to deal with to do this.

The fairy stands in front of an archway with orange roses around her. The flowers represent desire and hope while the light and the moon through the gateway represents the chance for cleansing and purifying mind, body, and spirit. She is dressed in white, the color of purity, showing that she’s ready for a fresh start.

This week allow yourself to let go of worry, let go of the weight of the past, and prepare yourself to move forward into the future with hope. The future happens whether you want it to or not. What you do have control over is how you’ll approach it. Looking over your shoulder to the past while trying to move into the future will keep you from experiencing all the new things that are waiting for you.


When it comes to actions this week, Temptation comes in. This is a great card that reinforces a part of the message that Gypsy Rose can have which is that letting go also can mean giving in to a desire or temptation that you have maybe seen as wrong in the past. Giving in to our temptations is sometimes the best thing to let go of what holds us back.

Temptation is a funny thing. It tests our will and resolve. Think about when we resist temptation while dieting. You almost actively work to resist those cupcakes but if you just ate one cupcake you probably wouldn’t think about them again for a while. But while resisting their temptation they’re on your mind 24/7!

This week look around and see if there is a temptation that you’re putting so much time and energy into resisting that you aren’t able to move forward like Gypsy Rose is asking you to. If the temptation isn’t something that puts you or someone else at risk or in danger, give in! Even if it’s just a little bit. The freedom from this will be tremendous!


Lastly the lesson from Spirit this week is found in the Silver Moon Fairy. Standing before a big full moon, the Silver Moon Fairy reminds us of a few very important things. There is a time for everything and that some things are best kept in the dark.

Spirit tells us this week that making new starts and giving into temptations and indulging our personal desires is sometimes best done silently. Keeping these things to yourself can be important at times like these because the input from other people may hold you back more. Remember, you know what’s best even when you think you don’t!

The Silver Moon Fairy also reminds us that life is just a series of cycles, one rolling into the next. Just as that moon is full today it will be dark soon and then full once more. There is a time for everything and now is the time for this work of letting go and indulging. The time will come back around again for resisting, don’t worry.



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