Soul Shift Sessions

When you can’t see your way out of a problem, letting someone else with fresh eyes guide you is the best way forward.


If you’re feeling overwhelmed, unsure of what your next steps should be, or how to get reconnected to your badass inner goddess, my no BS way of using magick, spirituality, and practical coaching might be exactly what you need to clear the decks and get you back on track.

Maybe you’re dealing with a shitty relationship that you don’t know how to either change or get out of. Maybe you’ve been feeling trapped in a job that is sucking the will to life out of your soul. Or maybe you’ve been chasing a spiritual ideal for a while and haven’t been able to attain it yet and you’re about to give up on all this manifesting, affirmation, love and light living.

No matter what the challenge may be, you’re feeling isolated, like nobody is really hearing you, and as if the Universe is somehow against you. Trust me, I get it, I’ve been there. We all have! The one thing that I know truly helps when we’re in this dark night of the soul is to turn to someone else who can help you see things from a different angle.

I’ll show you a new way through these challenges using spiritual and magickal tools and practices to empower you and help you reset your boundaries, embrace more self-love in a non-woo-woo kind of way, and get you back to being your awesome, whole, soulful self.


My coaching is designed to cut out the nonsense and get right to the heart of what needs to be done. We'll work together for three months over Skype and email creating magickal, healing transformations.

How Soul Shift Coaching Works

Soul Shift is all about giving you the help and guidance to support you in creating a magickal, spiritual, and powerful transformation around either a situation or area in your life where you feel you’ve lost your way. Whether you’re feeling stuck, like you’ve lost your sovereignty or as though you’re just going through the motions with no passion, we’ll work together for three months to clear the cobwebs and bring the light back in.

Soul Shift Coaching Includes:

Initial 90 minute Connection Session
This session is where we’ll create sacred space and set our intentions for our three months together.

We’ll dive deep into what’s weighing on you, connect to your heart’s energy, and see what needs healing and unearthing. We’ll pull cards, I’ll connect with my guides and yours, we’ll work with some soulful questions, and we’ll talk magick and spiritual practices to start getting you started with the transformation you desire. You’ll get an MP3 recording of this session to review anytime!

Two 45 minute Check-In Sessions
Once a month over the next two months {months 2 and 3} we’ll dip back into our sacred container, do a little energy clearing, and see how your progress is going. More than anything we’ll be checking to see how YOU feel about your progress and make whatever changes we need to make. You’ll get an MP3 recording of this each of these sessions to review anytime!

Unlimited Email Support for Three Months
During our whole three months together you’ll have unlimited email coaching so you never have to feel you’re working along. I’m with you every step of the way. You’ll be able to email me any time with any question or problem as you do your work. Whether it’s because you have something specific you need clarity on or if you just need some support, all you have to do is email me and within 24 hours I’ll be back to you with some guidance and clarity.

Three Monthly Guidance Readings
Each month for our three months together I’ll provide you with an intuitive reading using tarot, oracle, or angel cards {your choice} to give you some specific help and guidance for you to work with based on the transformation you’re after. These readings will be like a roadmap for your month ahead.

Additional Tools and Resources As Needed
I’ll also share with you worksheets, PDFs, ebooks, meditations, intuitive readings, healing sessions, and other resources and tools that I feel will be helpful in creating your process and supporting your soulful evolution during our three months.

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Who Are Soul Sessions For?

Who Is This For?

My coaching is idea for anyone who is looking for a no nonsense but spiritually and magickally driven approach guidance and advice. You know you need more than a reading but you can't commit to long weekly or even bi-weekly coaching calls.  You want to get right down to business and bang out a plan for action and then be guided and supported while you implement that plan. You’re ready for tough love, no bullshit, and you’re ready to be taken to task where you need to be so you can own your life…ALL OF IT…the good and bad and the stuff in-between.


Who Is This Definitely NOT For?

My coaching is definitely not for someone who needs a gentle touch. If you find that you use the word “triggered” often in your daily life and it’s typically in reference to your reaction to things people do and say around you, we’re probably not going to be a good fit. I AM going to trigger you. I AM going to push you. It’s often the lack of pushing and triggering that creates the space for stagnation and slow spiritual death to happen. You can’t make an omelette without breaking some eggs and you can’t let divine light come in through a brick wall. If you aren’t ready to reveal your cracks, I’m not the coach for you.


What I Do and Don't Do

Here’s What I Won’t Do For You:

  • Handhold you or treat you like a delicate little flower
  • Tell you what you have to do
  • Be attached to your energy, your story, your situation
  • Be attached to or responsible for your results or outcome
  • Make you do more than I know you can handle
  • Do the work for you

Here’s What I Will Do For You:

  • Push you and give you tough love
  • Help you get clarity on what’s going on and the spiritual lessons behind it
  • Get you to the heart of the issue so we can deal with the cause and not the symptom
  • Give you lots of spaces to be seen and heard
  • Inspire you to create change to reach your goals
  • Co-create a clear plan for action


Basically if you’re ready to put on your big girl yoga pants and focus on your Virabhadrasana and let that Savasana wait, we’re good to go.
And you don't mind some weird and silly new agey yoga metaphors!

There’s no crying in baseball and no guarantees in life coaching.

I can’t and won’t make any promises about how things will turn out during or after we work together. That is up to you. You need to do the work and take action, I’m just here to point you in the right direction. What I do know is that by the end you’ll walk away with a more focused idea of what to do that’s right for you and your situation with specific ways to work spiritually and magically toward those goals.


"Jess is a great teacher, as well as an insightful reading and a wonderful healer. Her lessons are informative and easy to understand. Her cards speak to her in a way that I hope mine will to me one day. I have also had a Chakra session and a Reiki session with her and afterwards I felt at peace, balanced, and whole again (I was quite sick at time time). I trust very few people, and I follow my path alone, but I trust Jess. She’s a beautiful spirit." 

- Bev G. 

"Jess is officially my Sherpa as I navigate the self discovery process. She never fails to give me in depth readings that leave me with tons to meditate on and guide me on my path. Heavy on substance, light on fluff. If you're ready to dig deep and really do the work to grow, you couldn't do yourself a bigger favor than to seek a little guidance from Jess!" 

- Amy P. 


"I loved the great ideas Jess had for marketing my business and the suggestions she had for how to separate myself so I can come out on top of the crowd! Jess tells it like it is, kind of like the metaphysical version of Dr. Phil. I needed to hear some criticism and she was loud and clear with what I needed to do to make positive changes to grow my business. I loved her ideas, advice and tact." 

- Diana W. 

"When I started coaching with Jess I thought I was coming to her for help with a breakup and an unexpected and sudden international move. It turned out that wasn't the real issue at all! Jess asked questions I never would have thought to ask myself and gave me a whole new perspective on what was going on in my life. She made me feel like what I want matters. By the time we were done I felt like I could take on the world!" 

- Patricia M. 


Investment: $1699

Monthly payment plans of $595 a month available upon request.

Acceptance of your application for coaching is not guaranteed.
You will not be charged or ask to provide any payment unless your application is approved.

Frequently Asked Question

Disclaimer: This work is spiritual and intuitive in nature and is not a substitute in any way for professional advice from licensed medical professionals. While working together it will be expected that you will be open and honest about other medical treatments or therapies that you are receiving and that you will continue with them as prescribed by your doctor or therapist. 

See more of my qualifications and background here.