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Wondering what my clients are saying?  Check out these comments of love and praise from my past students and clients.

I had a tarot reading with Jess because I was at a personal and professional crossroads. I’ve been having trouble deciding which of the many roads I could go down would be the best one for me. Jess was able to directly address some of the things that were on my mind and gave me some needed clarity. I had started down a particular path already and her reading reinforced that this was the right path to go but also gave me insight into my next couple of steps to take. Everything was laid out clearly and gave me more than I asked for. I purchased a 3 card reading, which are often very quick and basic, but she also included numerology in the reading and even a Life Purpose card as well. I was really impressed with the fact that Jess was able to give such a relevant reading online and over a distance. I also really like that she gives you your reading in a PDF format so you can save it and look back at it later so you don’t have to remember it all like when you have a reading in person.


I came to Jess for an angel reading to gain some guidance on what direction to take my business in. I was procrastinating and feeling very unfocused. She confirmed so many things with her reading and opened my eyes to many others. I had never seen myself as an Indigo until now and it makes so much sense and feels so freeing. I have struggled with trusting myself as a healer but now I feel much more comfort in who I am and have more confidence in the direction I’m moving in. Jess is amazing and I’m so grateful for my reading! Thank you so much!
Megan K
Megan K
Over the past six months I’ve been seeking spiritual counselors and guidance while working on a lot of self-healing and personal growth in order to get help on a deeper level. I came to Jess for an angel reading to find guidance and clarity through this healing journey. It gave me that and more! My reading from Jess gave me answers to questions I didn’t even ask but that had been in my heart and on my mind. I loved how her reading was built on a spiritual and emotional foundation while also giving specific suggestions for action that I could do right now to move forward in a healing and loving direction. Everything was explained in detail and with great compassion. Like other clients of Jess’s, I too was in therapy with various counselors, and while they were helpful, they only addressed things on an intellectual level. Jess got to the heart and spirit of the matter, which helped give a sense of deeper healing like never before. My reading was easy to understand and put to use; it was packed with information and suggestions and conveyed with love and clarity. It was so healing and spoke right to my heart and I found myself reading through teary eyes!
Akiko T.
Akiko T.


I was having some family issues that had me thinking I might end up in divorce court and I knew I couldn’t see the situation objectively, so I decided to get both a tarot and oracle reading from Jess. Both readings were amazingly intuitive. It was like she was sitting at my kitchen table observing the mess and stress of our daily life. The cards spoke directly to our situation and shed light on things I hadn’t faced. I now feel like I have better insight to my own short-comings and have new tools to heal my family. I am beyond impressed with Jess’s readings!
Amy M.


I came to Jess feeling a bit torn about whether it would be worth pursuing a relationship with a person I had feelings for. Jess confirmed a lot of things that I already suspected and helped me to see the potential obstacles that would need to be overcome if I chose to move forward. She gave an accurate description of the person and confirmed things that I already knew, assuring me that she was picking up on his energy accurately. The reading arrived promptly into my inbox and was very well laid out and easy to absorb. I felt my question was answered fully, helping me see my options more clearly and feel more relaxed about my thoughts. I am really glad to have received such a detailed reading and will use Jess again in the future; she is one of the select few readers that I trust to give accurate readings.
Aimee M.


I have been a client, a follower, and even a student of Jess’s for several years now. She is a great teacher, as well as an insightful reading and a wonderful healer. Her lessons are informative and easy to understand. Her cards speak to her in a way that I hope mine will to me one day. I have also had a Chakra session and a Reiki session with her and afterwards I felt at peace, balanced, and whole again (I was quite sick at time time). I trust very few people, and I follow my path alone, but I trust Jess. She’s a beautiful spirit.
Bev G.


I’m pretty picky about who I go to for guidance and my Soul Biz Clarity Session with Jess was exactly what I needed to get the clarity and motivation I’ve been looking for! I needed resources and someone I could reveal myself to that could help me get a clearer picture of myself and my business. I definitely got that!
Trece Stone


Jess approaches everything with not only knowledge, but so much love, care, and patience, I will be happy to continue to work with her as long as she offers her awesomeness! Thank you Jess for all that you do!
Renee Leverington


Grab one of Jess’s tarot readings! I just bought a tarot reading from her + I had tears in my eyes. It was so exactly what I needed!
Jen Saunders
Jen Saunders


I needed a few days to digest the reading because it was very informative and it was the exact guidance I needed in pursuing my path. Thank you!
Carlos A.


I loved the great ideas Jess had for marketing my business and the suggestions she had for how to separate myself so I can come out on top of the crowd! Jess tells it like it is, kind of like the metaphysical version of Dr. Phil. I needed to hear some criticism and she was loud and clear with what I needed to do to make positive changes to grow my business. I loved her ideas, advice and tact.
Diana Walker


Jess has a true gift! She was able to perceive so many details of my own situation that I hadn’t thought to share. She is more than just psychic- she’s committed to finding and sharing the advice you need to grow as best you can in this life. It was because of my reading with Jess that I’ve made major changes in my life. I can truly say that without her guidance, I’d be nowhere near the path of healing that I am currently on. She is a true teacher with a gift. If you want to make true positive change in your life, if you are confused or struggling, Jess will uncover the wisdom you need to move forward if you are ready to listen. By far, one of the best decisions in my life! I’ve still got a long way to go but your reading helped me focus and find truth rather than chasing a distraction that would have only led to more pain. You always help me find the truth I need, especially when I’m blind to it!
Ava I.



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