Trying To Be Psychic? Stop.

When it comes to spiritual and magickal gifts the one that most people say they want it to be psychic. People will work so hard at developing these skills, spending years reading books and taking courses that promise to give them psychic abilities. The biggest problem with this is that it actually does the opposite of what most people are after.

Any time this topic comes up I always tell people the real, honest, “I know it ’cause I’ve been there” truth about being psychic.  If you’re TRYING to be psychic you have to stop!  This is the very reason you AREN’T.

I know this from my own experience both as an intuitive and as a teacher of other intuitive.  When I teach angel communication they are taught to do a good deal of intuitive and psychic work.  They learn how to communicate with the angels, how to do mediumship with loved ones, how to channel angel guidance for themselves and others, and how to do energy healing.  All of these things require intuitive and psychic ability.  While people come into the course skeptical that they will be able to actually do these things when I help them with one specific thing they see their abilities open up in ways they never expected.

That big secret?

You are psychic.  You are intuitive.  It’s a natural part of who you are.  You don’t need to develop your psychic abilities.  You need to unblock your natural ones, and then over time as you use them, they’ll develop themselves.

We create blocks to our intuition throughout our lives.  Sometimes we’re aware of it but most of the time it’s just because of how we’ve either been conditioned to perceive the idea of being psychic or intuitive, or it may be that we had a negative experience in the past that caused us to close our abilities down.

While knowing the root of your blocks can be super helpful to prevent them from coming back once you clear them, it isn’t a necessity and you can start clearing the blocks right now.


Why Should You Clear Your Blocks?

Your intuition is the line between your conscious”talking mind” and your Higher Self, your “Divine mind”.  When you have your intuition in check and it’s open, clear, and working you have a way to receive reliable guidance and answers to questions when you need it. You then take that guidance and use rational critical thinking to make changes in your life as needed.

Keep this in mind – your intuition is not a dictator!  You still have free will to follow that guidance or not when you receive it and you have to take full responsibility for your actions.  Don’t turn around and blame “bad intuitive guidance” for why something goes haywire in your life.  All that serves to do is create more blocks!  But we’re here to start clearing them right now.

In the Wild Spirit Tribe course we go through a whole meditation to get to the root causes of the blocks and move them, but there are a few simpler, quick ways you can start doing this clearing right now.



You might think that affirmations aren’t going to do much for clearing and healing psychic blocks, but they help retrain your brain and how you talk to yourself, which is ultimately the thing that causes these blocks. We tell ourselves that we’re not psychic, that our intuition is just our imagination, or that we’ll never be able to get real answers to our questions intuitively.  Once we change the things we tell ourselves we change our circumstances because where you put your thoughts and energy is what grows in your life.

So rather than telling yourself “I’m not psychic” or “I can’t hear my intuition” replace this with “I am profoundly psychic” and “I am hearing my intuition clearly and accurately.”  As you replace your negative self-talk with positive “living as if” affirmations you’ll being to see changes in your intuitive flow.



This is another deceptively simple practice that will boost your intuition big time.  We spend so much time in GO GO GO mode that our minds never quiet down and get to a calm state to allow our Higher Self to be heard.  As we develop a meditation practice and get better at calming ourselves and our mind we can begin to do it whenever we need to and wherever we need to allowing our intuitive messages to come through.  Starting with even 5 minutes of meditation a day is a huge help!


Use It

Think of learning to work with your intuition much like learning a new language.  You have to practice it and use it to become fluent. Your Higher Self speaks to you in a very specific language and you have to get familiar with how that language works and sounds so you can use understand it.  Working with divination tools like tarot, oracle cards, and pendulums as well as practicing techniques like visualization, remote viewing with a friend, and automatic writing.


Be Confident

This is the last but not least on this quick list.  When you doubt what you’re doing or the messages you receive then you end up creating what?  A block!  Since our goal is to lessen the blocks working with confidence is important. With every bit of doubt you only further cement your blocks in place rather than help loosen them.  Keep this in mind – it doesn’t matter if you’re right or wrong with a message you receive.  All your messages are right for the moment.  Your free will, and the free will of others will always shift things next time you ask for guidance.  What you need to do here is accept, believe, and KNOW that whatever you are getting in the moment is exactly what you need.


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