Your weekend in Tarot

It’s time to get things back in motion here at One Witch’s Way; it’s been a heck of a few weeks but it’s time to go back to doing the important stuff. So with that I’m going to be starting something new, a weekend tarot forecast. This will be a small reading done on Fridays to look and see what the tending energies of the weekend shall be. Please feel free to send in your thoughts and comments on this since this is the first go of it.

Tonight I’m using my Legacy of the Divine tarot to take a look and see how things are going to be moving along from this evening through the evening of Sunday, December 13th.

Tonight, be on the look out as the 5 of Wands may throw a little monkey wrench into your night. Don’t let the stress from the week past cause small things to grow into something more than it is. Take a deep breath and separate yourself a little if you need to from either the people or situations that might be irritating you this evening. It might be a good nice to just stay in, stay warm and watch a movie.

Saturday will be a much better day and if there are any arguments or tiffs tonight with a partner or loved one, the 2 of Cups for Saturday indicates they wont have any lasting effects. Spend Saturday giving a little one-on-one time with someone that you haven’t had the chance to spend time with lately and spend the time reconnecting. The Fool pays us a visit Saturday night so anything can happen! Be prepared to unexpected and last minute opportunities to make themselves available. Don’t resist, go with it. You need to take a little time during this hectic season to do something fun, unplanned and unexpected.

On Sunday Justice comes in to remind us that there is balance needed after our fun day the day before. Today will be a good day for getting things organized at home for the week ahead to try and eliminate any hectic things for the coming week that can be avoided. If you take part of your day to tidy up, prepare your plans for the week, and give yourself a few minutes of personal time, you’ll be feeling fulfilled and recharged by Sunday night. The Magician’s energy comes into the evening of Sunday into Monday to help empower you for the week. You have the ability within yourself to keep things under control and keep that stress and craziness down if you use your resources well. Remember, life is what you make of it!

Have a great weekend!

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