What Would You Like to See in the 2013 Datebook?

.[fontpress type=”webfonts” name=”Happy Monkey” size=”16px” lh=”18px” color=”#007A7A”]Holy WOW can you believe it!?!?  2012 is more than half over![/fontpress]  Seriously it felt like just yesterday that I packing up from Yule.  This year is flying by!  And with that it’s time to start planning out the 2013 Datebook!  And this year it’s getting put together nice and early so that it will be available for sale come November!

And with that I post a question to you: What wouldyoulike to see in the 2013 Datebook?

This year I’m looking to do 8-10 new articles and add to the correspondence section and put in some work/playsheets.  But I’d also like to know what other things you might like to see.

What topics would you like to see for the articles?

Are there any special things you’d like to see covered in the correspondence section?

What kind of things would you like to work on manifesting in 2013?

This year is also going to bring a new look and new name for the datebook too since One Witch’s Way is now over.  I’m only started to sketch and play around with ideas so this is certainly nothing set in stone but here’s the idea for what’s to come…

And coming in January…

So leave some comments and let me know what you’d like to see for 2013’s book!

Do you have the 2012 book?  I’ll be discontinuing the 2012 books in a few months so now is the time to grab it while you still can!  You’ll be able to use it through to the end of the year for planning out magick, manifestation, and healing work with all the different correspondence charts, planetary hour charts, moon schedules, and even the Moon Void of Course information and tables, a must for working magick with the moon!

Don’t know anything about the 2012 Datebook?  Well don’t worry your pretty little head, you can learn more about right here!! 

Come grab your digital copy now while it’s at the half year discount price of $6.99!

Current Moon:  Creative and B-U-S-Y!!

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