2013 for the Wild Soul is HERE!! With an added incentive!

It’s that time of year again, time for the 2013 Magickal Datebook to be unleashed into the world!  This year the datebook went through a few changes, but I’m so stoked to share them because I think that this is the best one yet.  There were some big changes from the name, this year called 2013 for the Wild Soul, to the overall look and feel as well as the information that’s inside.  All the key elements that you’ve come to know and love over the last few years are still there, so don’t worry.  But the changes this year reflect the changes in the work I’m doing as well as where I think we, as magickal, spiritual people need to give a little more attention to.  There is a lot of magick to be found in areas our lives that don’t require being in a ritual or casting a formal spell.  Setting intentions, setting goals, and mapping ways to get there is just as important…as is self-care!  And if you’d like to get my 2013 magickal datebook for FREE, read on!

2013 mock


This year I have a lot of plans.  When the new year hits on January 1st I’ll actually be in a moving truck, probably in Knoxville, TN, making my way back to the west coast as I move back to San Diego.  2013 is a year that I have big plans to carry on the big changes I started to make in 2012.  This year has been rough.  In fact, it was a down right bitch for quite a while.  And one thing that I realized made parts of it so difficult, especially the parts that I had control over, was that I lacked three key elements to making progress, to getting things done, and to manifesting your dreams.

I was lacking

[fontpress type=”webfonts” name=”Coming Soon” size=”16px” lh=”18px” color=”#9A00E9″]Intention



Because of my bad time management, my complete lack of focus, and my lack of real planning a lot of what I wanted to accomplish either didn’t happen or happened in a way that I didn’t intend.  So for 2013 it’s all about planning, plotting, and mapping out the future!

When it came time to start working on the datebook this year I was moving along with it in the same manner I have every other year until I hit a total wall.  I felt completely uninspired and I didn’t even want to bother.  For a couple of weeks I even tossed around the idea of not doing it all.  I hadn’t heard much feedback on last year’s so I was thinking that this might not be the time to do another and instead I should take a year off from it and revamp.  But then I just started to revamp as I went along.

I took a few things out this year.  Normally I write 8 to 10 articles specifically for the datebook.  I made list after list of ideas of things to write and when I would sit down to do it I would either go blank or just not care about what I wrote about.  That’s when I realized that rather than writing things that mattered to me or to anyone else I was writing things to fill space.

blank space

[fontpress type=”webfonts” name=”Coming Soon” size=”16px” lh=”18px” color=”#9A00E9″]That was the moment I decided to ditch the articles for this year.[/fontpress]

blank space

Instead I added a small worksheet section to go along with my idea of needing to set intentions and goals and to create clear visions about what you want in the year to come.  This isn’t a big section; there are about 8 individual worksheets ranging from journaling prompts to list making, but all meant to help give you some clarity on what you want 2013 to look like.

I also expanded the magickal information section by expanding on the moon sign information and adding detailed information on working with the planets and the eight phases of the moon.  Plus you have all the other information that you’ve seen in the book before like the Celtic Tree Months, Correspondences, and so on.  And of course 52 weeks of dated planner pages with important dates like Sabbats, festivals, and moons as well as dates in history worth noting.  There is also a new section called 52 Magickal Tips for 2013.  Read them all at once or read one a week…it’s up to you!  It’s your 2013!!
blank space

[fontpress type=”webfonts” name=”Coming Soon” size=”22px” lh=”24px” color=”#9A00E9″]Get all the details and purchase 2013 for the Wild Soul RIGHT HERE!![/fontpress] blank space
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Here’s a sample of the screen shots of this year’s edition!  See more HERE![/fontpress]

april 2

{there will be a black and white print edition available through Amazon in a week or two…this process takes a little more time because of the proofing process.}
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[fontpress type=”webfonts” name=”Coming Soon” size=”22px” lh=”24px” color=”#9A00E9″]But…how would you like to get a digital copy of 2013 for the Wild Soul for FREE?!?!
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Photo Dec 07, 2 32 35 PMThat’s right, FREE!  You can get my datebook free if you help support one of my favorite yearly products by Leonie Dawson, her Incredibly Life + Biz workbooks {the Biz edition is new this year and really great}!  Believe me when I tell you that this is something you’ll be very glad you did!

Why, you ask?  Well, not only will get the chance to get clear on personal and biz/career/creative goals for 2013 while finding solid ways to manifest your desires, but you’ll also get 2013 for the Wild Soul FREE!!

Leonie’s offering is much different than mine, despite that face that I’ve added a bit of a worksheet section this year.  Leonie’s are truly worksbooks with places to write, draw, and get creatively clear about your dreams and goals for 2013.  2013 for the Wild Soul is truly a magickal planner and datebook.  Leonie has printable calendars with each of her workbooks but they aren’t the same as what you’ll get with mine.

blank space
[fontpress type=”webfonts” name=”Coming Soon” size=”16px” lh=”18px” color=”#9A00E9″]That’s what makes this offer so great!![/fontpress] blank space

All you have to do is purchase Leonie’s workbook combo pack between today and January 31st through the links below (or this like RIGHT HERE).  Once you buy your workbooks, email my awesome assistant Katy at support@jesscarlson.com with your name, email address, and order or invoice number from your workbook purchase.  Once she confirms your purchase you’ll get a link to download 2013 for the Wild Soul completely, absolutely FREE!!!

Photo Dec 07, 2 32 06 PMIn late November I started working out my plans for 2013 with Leonie’s workbooks and had some big time revelations about where things went wrong and where things went better than I realized with 2012.  For the last couple of years when I get the workbooks I print them out, scan them over, make a few notes, and then forget about them.  But with the realizations I was having with creating my OWN planner and datebook this year I decided that I would take Leonie’s workbooks more seriously.  And it’s been a blessing!

Photo Dec 07, 2 36 26 PM

I took my, added tabs to everything, and stuck it in an really pretty binder because I know this is going to be out on my desk all year long and it will get carried around with me here and there.  I printed a big version for my three ring binder and also printed out a smaller A5 version for my Filofax so that I can have that, along with my planners and calendars, open and on my desk every day.  The big one to the left is where all the work really gets done and then I transfer my notes into my smaller one that you see over to the right.  It might seem a little excessive, but like I said, my time management has bee terrible so this is part of how I’m getting clear and staying clear and on task for 2013!

Photo Nov 28, 12 44 21 PMI also printed out two copies of Leonie’s oracle reading pages so I could do too readings, a personal one and a business focused one.  The business one went in my Biz section and my personal one went in the Life section.  It was a good moment of clarity sitting down with the worksheets and doing a reading with one of my new favorite tarot decks, The Wild Unknown Tarot, to get some direction and to start doing some planning for 2013 biz stuff!

I honestly can’t say enough great things about Leonie’s workbooks.  They are beautifully hand painted and well thought out and, while seemingly simple on the surface, they are immensely helpful in gaining your clarity and focus.

So here’s what you need to do…

[fontpress type=”webfonts” name=”Coming Soon” size=”16px” lh=”18px” color=”#9A00E9″]1.  Buy Leonie’s Incredible Life + Biz Workbook Combo Pack any time between now and January 31st (you must click this link or click on one of the images below in order for us to verify your purchase).

2.  Email Katy at support@jesscarlson.com with your name, email address, and order/invoice number for your combo pack purchase.

3.  You’ll then get an email with a FREE download link for 2013 for the Wild Soul magickal datebook.[/fontpress]




[fontpress type=”webfonts” name=”Coming Soon” size=”16px” lh=”18px” color=”#9A00E9″]Remember you MUST buy the COMBO PACK!!!  Trust me, you’ll be glad you did, even if you don’t have your own business.  The material will help you get totally clear overall career wise![/fontpress]



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  • Faeriedaughter
    December 19, 2012 at 6:14 am

    Damselflies! I just bought my Leonie planner yesterday – I should have waited till today!!

    • Kelly
      December 19, 2012 at 2:40 pm

      I bought it through this link a couple of weeks ago, and I just read that it is between today and the 31st, so I am going ahead and purchasing it.

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