2016 Full Moon Magic



2016 is on the way, and it’s time to get ready for all the wonderful moon magic we’re going to make in the new year!

Last year I shared the Know Your Full Moons poster from my annual workbook and planner that I’ve been putting out for the last handful of years. But this year I made a decision this year to not put together the workbook. There are parts of it that I’m going to put together into something else, like a workbook of a different sort. But I knew there were a few parts that I wanted to share in some way because I know some of you enjoy them.

One of those bits was the full moon poster.

This year I’ve created the full moon poster with the names and dates of the full moons for 2016 as well as including four pages of info about each of the moons and the types of magic or spiritual work that are ideal for that energy.


Here is a small image to give you an idea of what the poster looks like this year:



If you’d like to grab a copy of the poster and the 2016 full moon info click on the button!

Get the 2016 Full Moon Poster

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