A couple busy days..

Well it’s time to break the silence around here! It’s been a busy couple of days because of my round of editing with The Sabbatical. This was a rough one. It was a little disappointing as well and it’s certainly not our finest work, but at least it’s done and it’s time to move forward. I’m making some drastic changes with it and we’re going to slip back into more of a newsletter format so that there will no longer be this pressure on my part to have to come up with articles on the fly when people suddenly don’t produce them and it will also eliminate the pressure for those that feel some sense of obligation to be doing The Sabbatical that might not want to do it anymore. Either way, between those things and a more newsletter format we’ll be able to keep things more useful. I’m planning some calendar sections, a link page, a monthly feature and then rotating articles written by those in leading the Sacred Mists extension classes. So far I’ve had one person who is not able to do it but everyone else thus far is on board. I’m looking forward to the new plan and I’ll be able to get that started in a little while. I’m holding off on a new issue until September so we have time for planning and tweaking.

In other news…nothing. I’ve been working away on my Inner Temple stuff for Christopher and worked today on Psychic Travel which was good. I need to start working on my Witchcraft II entry work which shouldn’t be too difficult. I started it last week and did a rough draft but after some meditation on it I need to get back and rework it.

I’m also desperately trying to get back into the swing of work and doing readings. I’ve been slow to get back to work and with the change in my rates I’ve been slow to get clients. But I’m trying to not think of the money right now and focus on good clients and moving forward. 🙂

I’m going to get back to work on the runes later this evening as well. I also have a few other things that I need to do for the blog. I did a little updating on my website the other night and I need to start getting the word out on that as well. So as usual lots for me to be doing but I’m not actually doing any of it. I’m still addicting to playing Bouncing Balls on Facebook at all hours and yesterday re-watched the entire season of “Mad Mad House” while working on The Sabbatical and then playing Bouncing Balls. I started watching season 1 of “Ghost Hunters” and playing Bouncing Balls this afternoon when I realized I was wasting far too much time on streaming TV and flash games and instead decided to get back to work. Let’s hope that after some dinner and a little TV on a real television that I can keep up that trend. *crossed fingers*

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