A new shiny pendulum

I wanted to take a moment to share with you all an awesome new little magickal trinket that I got this week that I love.  I get a lot of interesting Facebook friend requests and fan page requests, as many of us do, and one that I got not too long ago was for an Etsy shop called Studio Regency.  I accepted and briefly looked through the site.  It’s a site that mainly features beautiful handcrafted jewelry with a sort of earthy, nature theme.  Lots of pretty pearls and flowers, leaves and acorns.  Just really, really nice stuff.  The thing that actually got me to back and look at second time was a piece that, ultimately, I decided against getting only because I have SO MANY necklaces and I wear the two same ones every single day.  It was a beautiful silver nest with a silver bird and the most gorgeous tiny blue robin’s eggs (you can check it out here, and who knows, I may end up getting it in the end).

What I did get, however, was just as pretty!  It’s a small pendulum, about 5″ or so long, with (what I think are) green serpentine beads, beautiful silver wire work and a large serpentine with spirals etched in it to hold on to when using it.  And at the end dangles a beautiful silver acorn.  Now, the thing that makes this so special and unique is that it’s an actual acorn that has been dipped in silver.  And you know that’s the case because it’s very light.  It’s a nice piece.  I’ll admit it’s taking a little getting used to because of the way it swings but it’s already being kept in my little pendulum pouch that I carry in my bag along side my lapis lazuli one and me Reiki pendulum.

Here are a few pictures.  And I’ll worn you, they’re terrible.  That’s what I get for taking pictures of something small and shiny at night I guess.  😉

You can find the artist, Christine, and her shop Studio Regency online on Facebook and Etsy.  Check out what she’s got up for sale now and be sure to check back with her regularly to see what she’s put together.

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