A Spell for Ostara

Happy Ostara!  I was thinking about what I wanted to do to mark the spring equinox this year on the blog and I decided to forgo making another “this is what Ostara is all about” post.  If you’re looking for some general Ostara info you can take a look at my post from last year which also has pictures of my Ostara altar for 2010.  This year my altar is unfortunately going to be a very small makeshift thing because my office and altar room is under construction because of some problems in our apartment.  But, it’s all good!  Like I always say, you make an altar anywhere at anything with anything.  So instead of all of that sort of information I’m going to share my Ostara spell that appears in this year’s One WItch’s Way 2011 Companion.


Vegan Ostara Egg Spell

A handful of years ago while I was vegan, I found myself at quite an impasse during the weeks leading up to Ostara. For years at Ostara I had been working with a runic egg spell. The spell is one that many will be familiar with; you take a hardboiled egg, charge it with energy, inscribe with a corresponding rune, then in ritual you eat the egg and plant the shells in the earth. Being vegan I wasn’t going to be able to eat the egg and even having the egg felt wrong to me. I felt a real sense of being lost with knowing that I wasn’t going to be able to do the egg spell that year. After some thought I came up with something to replace it that has worked really well since.

You Will Need:
The image of the egg, printed out
A set of colored markers, pens or pencils
A cauldron or other fire proof dish

This spell follows the idea of birth and renewal that comes with the Ostara sabbat. For your spell pick an energy or desire that you wish to bring into your life for the coming season.

Copy the egg shape below, cut it out, and with the colored markers decorate your egg with colors and symbols that correspond to your intention. Draw with excitement and intent. I specifically work with the Elder Futhark runes when I do this spell but if you’re not inclined to work with the runes use whatever sacred symbols have meaning for you. Draw your focal symbol in the center of the egg.

Hold your egg and fill it with energy. Visualize your goals and desires happening; see yourself living with your dreams fulfilled. Feel this energy collect around your heart chakra. When your heart feels full direct the energy up to your shoulders, direct it down your arms, through your hands, and into the egg. It can help to visualize this energy in a specific color that corresponds to your intention.
When your egg is full of light and energy say:

Blessed Ostara, Goddess of Spring
Bring to me this blessed thing.

Light the egg off a candle on your Ostara altar candle (if you are doing this spell on its own outside of an Ostara ritual use the optional white candle to light your egg). Toss it in your cauldron and let it burn to ash. As it burns watch the flames, see and feel the flames and the smoke carrying your intentions out into the Universe.

When the egg has burned completely, take the ashes and scatter them on the earth or plan them in a planter in your home.


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  • celestial elf
    March 20, 2011 at 11:36 am

    Beautiful Post thank you,
    thought you might like my Eostre/Equinox machinima film

    Happy Ostara
    elf ~

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