April Full Moon with a Twist

It’s almost time for the full moon for April!  But this full moon comes with a twist – a lunar eclipse.  This is going to be an interesting one.  Now, as always, I have to preface this conversation like I do all my astrology conversations with the caveat that I am not an astrologer.  I share with you what I do know but it never, ever hurts to dig deeper with what others share, so get out there and do more research if you feel called.

Tomorrow, April 14th, {which is 4/14/14…those four 4’s are a sign that the angels are with us!} is a full moon in Libra along with a lunar eclipse. Let’s break it down to make it all make sense.

The full moon is a time when energy is at it’s peak.  If you work with the Goddess divine archetype, this is when she is at her height of power as the Mother.  It’s a time when anything we do is going to have an extra boost behind it, especially when we do it with full conscious intention.

The moon sign of Libra tends to bring a calming energy, especially to relationships.  It’s a great time to work on conflict resolution and to work out misunderstandings.  This is a time that can also come with indecisiveness so we need to be especially aware of our own mind, knowing what we want and how we plan to go about getting it. In general Libra has us focusing on how we work with others and the relationships we have in our lives.

A full moon in Libra means this is all more pronounced and it’s the best time to do anything we need to do our relationships because that diplomatic energy of Libra will be so helpful.

Keep in mind that we’re also in the sun sign of Aries right now. Add this to the mix and we’re being asked to be really aware of our role in these relationships.  How are we impacting our relationships, either negatively or positively, and how can we up our own game?

The lunar eclipse aspect is really cool.  Energetically speaking the lunar eclipse allows us to experience the energy cycle of a full lunar month in a matter of hours.  It’s a powerful time to do work for unblocking things in your life.  Often people will use the lunar eclipse for unblocking psychic energy, clear chakra blocks, and letting go of cords and heavy attachments.   {Sounds like a good time for a no excuses chakra cleanse!}


Have you heard this is being called a Blood Moon?

What’s funny is that in lunar folklore and magical terms the April Full Moon is known as the Pink Moon but with the eclipse this is going to actually be a red moon, it will look red up in the skies.  During the eclipse the color happens from sunlight during sunrises and sunsets around the world reflecting off the earth’s surface through the moon’s shadow.

So it’s being called the Blood Moon, a lunar folklore term used for the October full moon since to mark the livestock harvest that happens at this time of year, not because of the color of the moon at the time.


Oh, the moon, she is willy mistress!

So what about this specific Libra full moon in Aries with a lunar eclipse?  I’d recommend magic, meditation, and ceremony to let go of relationships or blocks in your relationships that are keeping you from either moving on or moving things to the next level.

If you don’t need to really work on anything like this here’s a simple empowerment candle ceremony for you to work with. I would recommend at least working with this if you can because this is such a powerful time and the work you do now will have powerful effects in your life for months to come!


Red Lunar Eclipse Empowerment

You’ll Need:

  • 1 red candle with holder
  • 1 4×4 square of paper
  • 1 piece of red thread, string, or ribbon
  • A pen
  • A lighter or matches


Photo Credit: andrewlee1967 via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: andrewlee1967 via Compfight cc

If you can do this outside or in view of the eclipse, all the better!  Find out what time the eclipse is set to start where you live.  This is when you’ll begin this work.

Get set up in a space that’s comfortable for you and where you can work undisturbed for at at least an hour.

Light your candle.  Settle into your seat and take a few deep breaths to release the day’s tension.  Then begin rhythmic breathing – in for the count of 4, hold for the count of 4, out for the count of 4, hold for the count of 4.   Keep doing this for a while and as you do simply allow yourself to shift into a mystical mindset.

When you’re ready breath normally and shift your awareness to your heart center.  Feeling into the energy in your heart chakra ask yourself where you need empowerment in your life right now.  What comes to mind when you ask this question?  Do you need to feel empowered in your relationships?  Do you need to strengthen your ability to speak your mind?  Do you need the feel more empowered and on fire to create change in your life in a specific area? 

Just focus on what images, words, thoughts, memories come to come.  Pay attention to any place on your body where you feel energy “ping”.  If it’s in a chakra area, what messages are there for you in that? Take your time with this.  Get into a meditative state and simply allow this all to come to you naturally.  Gaze at the candle flame or up at the red moon for focus.  Ask your guides and angels to help you receive messages with clarity.

When you’re ready take your paper and pen and write down where you want to direct this empowerment energy.  Hold the paper to your heart and send your energy into it. When you’re ready roll it up like a scroll and tie it close securely with your string. Place it in front of your candle.

Now we’ll raise power and seal this work with some chanting.  Chant the following for as long as you intuitively feel you need to.  When you’re ready to release this energy out into the world do it with a loud CLAP and throw your hands up in the air toward the moon.

I am loved.
I am empowered.
I am enough.

Let the candle burn out all the way.  Keep the scroll in a safe, special place in your home, like on your altar if you have one.  Having it where you can see it and be reminded of your work is best. You can hold it and meditate with it on each full moon, repeating the chanting, and drawing on the full moon energy for this need month to month.  If you no longer need energy for this an area of your life and you feel you have what you need, you can release the prayer in the scroll by burning it on a new moon.

Wishing you a beautiful moontime!

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