Ask A Witch: House Hunting

The other day I got a question about working a spell to help with finding the right house while doing some house hunting.  I wanted to answer this one right away because the individual has a time frame attached to their question and I thought it was a really good one.  I will give full disclosure on this and say that I did have a short clarifying email with our querent to make sure I understood her request completely.  After that I was able to put together a response.

Yes my husband and I have been looking for a home for our big family and we have found one . but now I need you help to get him to really get this one home he really likes.


I emailed Barbara after getting her message just to make sure I completely understood the angle she was coming from and found out that they have been looking for a home to purchase so they can stop paying the high cost of rent.  There are a number of people that are involved including their children and a grandson.  They are going to see a house this Sunday that she feels her husband will really like and might buy on the spot but there seems to be a little hesitation because naturally she wants them to pick and purchase the right place.

First, Barbara, thanks for your question!  Having been a homeowner myself I know how it can be tying to make sure you’re buying the right place, but you have an even bigger thing to worry about because there are so many other people involved, not just you and your husband.  So what i would suggest is approaching the situation from the point of trying to find the right place for your whole family, not just something that makes one person happy.

I would say doing a spell to find the right house for all involved would be the best thing to do. Here is something that you can do, and you might want to do this tonight or tomorrow, before you go to see the house you’re looking at on Sunday.

I also feel my guides directing me to point out that there is a difference between “house” and “home” and that you need to focus on “house”. A home is wherever you are with your family and what you want to keep in your heart and in your intentions is to find the right HOUSE to make your home in.

Get the following items:
1 brown candle
1 piece of brown paper (ripped, not cut, from a brown paper bag)
A pen
A pin or knife
Attraction Oil
(if you don’t have attraction oil or there isn’t a shop or botanica where you can get it from, you can make a real quick oil at home…get a bunch of fresh bay leaves and break them up in your hand and place them in a cup or jar and cover with olive oil. Let it sit at least over night…you might want to do this today and then do the spell tomorrow night if you go this route. )

On the paper draw the shape or outline of a house…like what you would see a child draw if they were drawing a picture of the house they life in. Do not draw doors, windows, etc…just the general outline of a house. Inside the house write the full names of everything that would be living there. Anoint the corners of the paper with Attraction Oil. Fold the paper in half, folding it toward you.

Take your candle and with the pin or knife etch into the side the words “Find the right house”. Anoint the candle with the Attraction Oil in long strokes from the top of the candle to the bottom. While you do this visualize your family in a house that is just right for them. Don’t picture a specific house, but just the image of everyone somewhere that they will be happy and everyone will have the room and space they need.

Place the candle in a holder and put it on top of the folder paper. Light the candle and let it burn all the way down before going house hunting. Before you go to look at houses, take the paper with you and carry it in your pocket. You can repeat the spell with the candle, using the same piece of paper, as many times as you feel you need to during the house hunting process.

When you find the right place and you purchase a home, before you physically move in and start living there try and get inside to clean the home by smudging it and washing the floors from the back of the house to the front of the house with Chinese Floor Wash. Get some Peace or Happy Home oil and on your paper with the everyone’s names anoint the corners and now bury the paper by the front door.

Hopefully this helps and will give you some direction on how to work with this.  And good luck with your house search!

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