Ask A Witch: Legal Spells

I wanted to first apologize for being so behind with replying to all the really interesting Ask A Witch questions that have come in recently.  I’m going to be doing one a day to get caught up, so be ready to see a lot of these over the next couple of weeks.  Today’s comes from Beth who is dealing with what sounds like some complicated and difficult legal issues.

I need a spell to not bring harm but instead to bring understanding and clarity of mind and compassion to a lady who is a DA and very hard hearted and cruel and is out to try to ruin my husbands life with charges that are unfounded and called bogus by an attorney we cannot afford to retain. I wish for her to recieve the above and drop all charges. How do i go about this and if i write my own spell and use candles that have been cleansed with salt will my own written spell be powerful enough or do you have one i can use?

Hi Beth…thanks for your question.  Things like this can be a little difficult because of the need to influence someone who has to influence others, and so on.  It’s certainly not a hopeless situation but it can take some work.  Let me first address the issue of using a pre-written spell versus writing your own.

Whenever we write our own spells we always create something that is very powerful and very personal to us.  Our spells, written in our words and carrying our energy, are always going to hold more power for us than spells written by someone else or spells pulled from books.  Words have a great deal of power.  By writing our own spells we put some of our intent and power for the spell into those words.  Someone else writing them for you, or spell from a book written by someone else with other intentions in mind, will never be quite the same.  Naturally the power is truly held within you and comes from your intention and the energy raised in your spell but this is also why we can work with these spells and still see success.  Personally I think a spell written by the person for the specific purpose is always a far better option than using something pre-written.

Now, I know that you don’t want to cause harm and you’d rather turn this woman’s heart than anything else, but the root of the real problem is the legal issue that could endanger you and your husband.  I would focus more on that than on trying to soften the heart of the DA.  You could quite possibly to that and have her feel some sympathy for your situation but she still may feel obligated to do what is expected of her or pressured to say the things that have left quiet.  If you’d like to do something to send loving energy to her as well, that can’t hurt, but I wouldn’t hang my pointy hat on that.

So with that said, what are some suggestions for things you can do?  If the true problem is that this DA could say something that isn’t true and that could endanger your husband, you would try working with one of the old tried and true spells that, while a little gross definitely brings results.  You’ll want to write the DA’s name, and anyone else who might lie and say something that could harm him, on a small strip of paper.  You’ll need to get a beef tongue (not as hard to get as you might think, you can get them at most butcher shop and many meat counters).  With a very sharp knife cut a slit in the center of the tongue and place the paper inside sprinkle with vinegar and either cayenne pepper or insert a hot pepper like a habanreo.  Then get either large pins or iron nails and seal the slit up.  Wrap it up in butcher paper or something similar, place in a freeze back, seal it shut (I wrap it up with duct tape) and then place it far in the back of the freezer and leave it there until all the issues and danger are gone.

When your husband has to deal with any of these people in person he can carry with him a small bloodstone charm to try and drive things in his favor. Judik Illes has one way of doing this which is similar to my own method.  Illes suggests taking a piece of bloodstone and soak in rosemary water (a cup of boiled water steeped over one teaspoon of dried rosemary).  Take the stone, while still damp, and wrap in a white cloth and tie with red thread being sure to knot your desires in the thread.  The way that I use this one is to place the bloodstone in a red spell bag with a tablespoon of dried rosemary, also knotting the bag closed with three knots putting your desires in each.  Then he would keep this (either method) in his pocket either when in court or while attending any legal meetings.

Another suggestion that involves some candle magick is one that would help confuse her and make her arguments less credible.  For this you’ll need a brown candle, some cinquefoil (also known as five finger grass) and Confusion Oil.  Take the candle and carve the DA’s name in it, while doing that raise energy by changing “I command you (insert name) to be tongue tied”.  Say this as many times as you feel necessary.  Then rub from top to bottom in long single strokes with the oil.  You can chant during this as well if you wish.  Then roll in the cinquefoil and burn down completely.  If you can’t get Confusion Oil you can use a general Anointing Oil for his step but take a teaspoon of cinquefoil and a teaspoon of mustard seed, crush and blend, and use this in place of the plan cinquefoil.

Honestly I think that working with one of these things is probably the best option if you seriously want to try and address the real issue.  Like I said, you can always work to send loving light to her to soften her heart but the true issues seems to be preventing harm to your husband through legal action, so that might be where your energy and efforts are best spent.

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