Ask A Witch: Magpies

Here is an Ask A Witch question sent in from Susan with a question about magpies.  Remember, you can ask your questions to by clicking on the link at the top of the page for “Ask A Witch” and filling out the form!

I have had one Magpie over my house for the last 9 weeks what does this mean? I have never had any luck so is my life always going to be so bad?

– Susan

Hi Susan!

First, let’s look at the situation with what a magpie could be representing for you.  You might find it particularly interesting to note that many of our ancestors actually saw magpies as a sign of good luck and abundance!  Magpies are very resourceful birds that scavenge and collect items that they perceive as being valuable.  Anyone that’s ever had magpie families living around their property will be able to attest that any sort of decoration or baubles, especially things that are gold, silver or otherwise shiny in their yards or on their porches, will quickly find their way around the nests and homes of the magpies.  The rule of thumb with magpies is that if it isn’t nailed down, it’s fair game for the magpies.  Because of the fact that the magpies often had many gold and often valuable items with them, it was though by many people of old that when a magpie or a family of magpies started to show up at your home, especially if they were making nests of their own and looking to share space with you, that you were in for good fortune and abundance and that the magpie was the one that would bring it to you.

Magickally magpies are thought to be able to connect to the realm of faery.  It is thought that they can guide those that wish to explore the faery worlds into that part of the spirit world.  They are seen as openers of doorways and gateways to change and transformation.  Magpies are also seen as symbols of knowledge, especially occult knowledge.  Their distinct black heads look almost like a hat or helmet of some sort and it’s thought by some that this draws attention to the knowledge held within.  Magpies are also very vocal birds, especially when in a group of other magpies, and it’s thought that one of their teachings when they come to someone is that they are trying to help you learn to use your voice to get attention and to be able to vocalize your thoughts and desires.

It’s interesting that you talk about feeling like you never have any luck but yet a magpie has been in your space for nine weeks.  I felt compelled to draw a few cards from my Gaia Oracle for you as part of this process.  I do feel that the magpie is around you trying to help open the gate for you but you aren’t working with it.  I drew three cards for you; one card for looking to see what the message that Magpie has for you and two to see how you can use that and work with that.

What is the message that Magpie has for you: Intuitive Communication
The message with magpie for you isn’t one of the speaking your voice so much as listening to your inner voice and accessing the knowledge that you hold within.  With regard to your issue of not feeling like you ever have any luck, there is a need for clearing away and making room for change, luck and abundance to come through for you.  This comes from listening to your intuition and listening to how you communicate with the Universe around you.  Many of us are our own worse critics and are very good at negative self talk, but this often keeps us in these negative patterns or patters of “bad luck”.  Thoughts are like actions or deeds and are a form of intuitive communication.  So if you want good things you need to communicate positive thoughts and positive desires to the Universe and it will listen.

The two cards that help lend some other thoughts on how to work with this message: Yin Yang and Sacred Earth Mother
Harmony and peace are best found when we are in a place of feeling like we have balance around us.  If you’re feeling out of balance and feeling like everything that is going on around you is either keeping you held back from having the things that you desire, it’s time to find the things that make you feel this way and start releasing them and letting them go.  I feel as thought taking some time out of your daily routine, having some quite time for reflection and meditation can be helpful to clear out the clutter and the things that may be adding to this lack of balance.  There is a lot of love that wants to come through for you I feel, love from those around you and the Universe as a whole, but you have become stuck it feels.  You have allowed the “bad luck” patterns to have a certain amount of power of you that you have slipped into this belief that this is just what your life is and how things are, and that’s just not true.  Again, taking time out to clear your head and your space will be most helpful in really discovering your true self and the light that you have within that, when it shines bright, draws all the good and positive things you desire to you.

In the end I would saw that the magpie is there to remind you that you need to listen to your inner voice, follow your inner light and guidance and let that light shine through.  Since magpies love things that are bright and shiny they must see that light around you and are just waiting for you to see it too.  🙂

On the somewhat practical side, if you haven’t ever read “The Secret” I would definitely recommend picking it up and giving it a read.  If you have read it, give it another read as it may help to open up some doors for you with some positive visualization and affirmation techniques to get you to where you want to be.

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