Ask A Witch – Are There Consequences To White Magick

Today I wanted to share an Ask A Witch question that I received just the other day. I was actually going to do a different question this week but then this one came, and it ruffled my feathers so I wanted to address it ASAP. It’s not an uncommon email that I get, and it’s one of those topics that always leaves me scratching my head a little.

I also wanted to say that for the sake of not unintentionally changing the tone or intention behind someone’s question I don’t do any editing to the emails I get. I post them “as is.”


dear witch or warlock I wanted to ask you a question about white magic I was going to do white magic but got worried If it does have consequences I wanted to know If white magic has consequences and I still believe in god and I dont want to have bad luck or releasing a bad spirit in this world or summoning a demon I am worried and scared and wanted to know how can I reduce from getting these consequences so does white magic have consequnces please give me an answer thank you.



The first thing I want to touch on here is the “white magic” thing. It’s a long-held assertion that magick is black or white, that some magick is inherently good and other types of magick are bad. Unfortunately nothing, including magick, is so cut and dry…or shall we say, black and white.

Magick is grey. Many, many shades of grey. What you think might be “good magick” or white magick could have negative and unforeseen consequences. Sometimes that negative or so called “black magick” is in service of a higher good. This would be something like when a witch casts a spell to stop someone from harming another and they use magick that might cause harm to that person. If the ultimate end result is to stop a larger harm, is it really “bad?”

So there’s a lot to consider and to see magick as simple as good and bad is to be very shortsighted.

All magick, like all actions, come with consequences. Everything you do, magick or otherwise, has a cause and effect that needs to be considered before you follow through. With magick, it’s important to remember there could be many people affected by your magick. Often we forget that there will be more people than just us or the person we’re doing magick for/on that will feel this energy.

That said, keep in mind this principle of cause and effect. What are you going to get back as a result of what you put out into the world?

Now comes the big issue, that of Gods and demons.

You didn’t specifically say what your religious beliefs are, but since you talk of believing in God and fearing demons, I’m going to wager a guess you’re Christian or possibly Catholic. There are many witches and magickal practitioners in the world who are Christian or Catholic. Magick has no religious limitations because it is merely a practice and art of energy work and manifesting. There is no religion involved in magick unless you choose to include it.

The real issue here is not whether or not it is OK to practice magick while believing in God, but whether or not it’s OK for you. To me, this means that you have taken the time to sort out the ethics and morals of magick and your religious beliefs and come to a place where you feel comfortable. This also means you’ve had a chat with your God and received guidance on what to do.

If you’re a Bible-believing Christian, you may find that you can’t reconcile magick and your faith. This is something I always find a little funny since the Bible contradicts itself on its stance on magick and mysticism a number of times. But when you look at Leviticus 20:6, Leviticus 20:27, Revelations 21:8, and Deuteronomy 18:10-14 {just as a few examples} you will find yourself against compelling arguments within your faith to no practice magick.

At the end of the day, you have to make up your own mind about what is right and what is not within the scope of your beliefs. There is a LOT of magick to be found in the Abrahamic faiths and many people who practice spiritual magick within those faiths whether they call it that or not.

As far as conjuring up demons or “releasing a bad spirit,” you’re probably pretty safe. This isn’t something that just happens. And if you’re talking specifically about looking at material on “white magick” it is likely very benign and not going to cause something like this to happen. But again, if your faith tells you that all acts of sorcery are connected to and unleash demons, then you have something there to be concerned about.

And lastly, if you aren’t comfortable with doing something, don’t do it, regardless of why you may not feel comfortable.

Fear is the forerunner of failure. In magick, when you approach your work with any fear, you can see a few things happen. You can end up attracting something you didn’t want {possibly some of that bad luck you are concerned about}, or at the very least you end up wasting a bunch of time and energy because your work is blocked by your own fears. My rule of thumb in magick is that if there is ANY fear or hesitation, don’t do the magick. Find another way to work with whatever it is that you are working on.

That brings me to a final thought for you to consider.

You didn’t share the kind of magick you’re considering, or what the issue is that you’re working on so I can’t help much in the area of specifics there. But have you looked at the various spiritual tools and practices at your disposal within your own faith? Things like prayer, novenas, etc.? There may be something you can do within your own religion’s practices that will accomplish the same goal while keeping you in your lane, so to speak.

It’s really important to understand that witchcraft is not a “magic bullet” that always brings results and never fails. The magick comes from the witch or the person doing the magick. If that person is inexperienced or working from a place of doubt and fear, the magick doesn’t go anywhere. This is really just to say that you shouldn’t assume that a witchcraft spell is somehow more powerful than, say, a heartfelt and intention filled prayer to your God.


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