An Autumn Equinox Reading Spread

Happy Mabon! Happy Autumn Equinox!

You’ve been feeling it, haven’t you. The change of the seasons, the shift in the energy. It’s been heavy this year.

While we might always notice a subtle shift when the seasons change, it seems that Spring and Autumn Equinox are particularly strong. One season things are bursting back alive and the other things are dying and letting go. But for some reason this year it’s been really strong. Maybe it’s the chaos of the world right now, but the dying season feels like it’s going to be big.

For today’s marking of the Autumn Equinox I wanted to share a card spread  to help you connect with this energy portal and help you get a sense of the power and the energy of your own harvest season.




Autumn Equinox Spread

Cards 1, 2, 3 – The Leaves
These cards represent the things that you are ready to release, the things that need to be let go of in your life. These may be things that are really obvious but they could also be things that you haven’t thought of, or even things that you don’t think you’re ready to release…but you are.


Card 4 – Your Trunk
Your trunk is your strength, your path, the way that you are going. This is the part of your path that has been growing well. It’s the path that you’re on, and it’s right! This card will show you what you’re doing right, what you need to keep doing, and where your strength is.


Card 5 – Your Roots
The roots of your trunk are what ground you. It’s your base, your power. This card can also show some issues or healing that may need to be done in your root chakra if the card is not a clearly positive one. What shows up here is what keeps you on that positive path in the card above.


Cards 6, 7 – Your Fruits
This energy shows the things that you have harvested from your efforts so far this year. These are your gifts, the fruits of your labor, and things that you should be celebrating after all your hard work.


Card 8 – Seeds for Spring
Sometimes we get some seeds with the things with harvest. This card shows the seeds from this harvest that can be planted in the spring. These are things that aren’t ready to be harvested just yet so hang on to these things and start planting new intentions with them in the spring.


Card 9 – Your Big Harvest
Last is our big harvest. Think of this as the overall big reward from all the work you’ve done and the full basket from your harvest up to this point of the year.



Here it is in action…this is my reading for my Mabon. I decided to have some fun with this and use the Twin Peaks deck that I love. OMG it’s the BEST!




Cards 1, 2, 3 – The Star, The Hanged Man, Knight of Coins
It’s time to let go of spending time thinking and planning and looking for ways to make my goals and intentions happen. I have a hard time time letting the Universe do its thing. But The Star tells me that I’m on the right path and I can let go of dreaming about it or thinking about how to make it happen. It’s time to do something. But slow and steady action will be best. So it’s a nice balance for letting go.


Card 4 – Four of Coins
OMG this is the story of my life! Good things have happened in the past and they have helped to give me confidence to keep going, but there have also been some really tough times, some struggles, especially financially. So while I know that great abundant flow is possible, I also know it’s easy for me to fall into great peril with abundance.


Card 5 – The Moon
The roots of the trunk..again, I get it. Fear, worry, anxiety, being unsure of what is happening and what is coming…this is what causes the imbalance of abundance. There is also a feeling here of being out of step with reality…not being really tuned in to what’s happening and that ends up creating imbalance with money, especially.


Card 6, 7 – Knight of Wands, Page of Cups
There is definitely more of a fire to do something, to dive in and take some action and create, but it’s important that this energy is used wisely. It will be easy for that energy to get used up fast. But this has all brought some great rewards of learning more about really makes me happy, better understanding of how I deal with the emotions around creating.


Card 8 – Seven of Swords
For the spring it’s going to be time to hold on to some of these ideas that come with the Knight of Wands. Some of these things just aren’t ready to be let out now. They need to sit and ruminate, even if on the surface they look ready.


Card 9 – Nine of Coins
All that hard work, all the ups and downs and fights between head and heart actually come with some big rewards. People are loving what they see, they want to be engaged with what I’m doing, but my only issue is that I need to not get complacent or take any of the attention for granted. As quickly as it came it could go away.

So if looks like my harvest is a nice one…hard work leads to attention and appreciation. But there’s still so much to do. There is a need to get out of my head, to take some actions, but to be careful to not get on such a roll, as it were, that I use all my ideas at once and end up burned out and emotionally drained. And the Gods know, I’ve been there before!


So there ya go…your Autumn Equinox Spread! Give it a try with your favorite tarot or oracle deck and share your big insights in the comments.




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