A/V Sunday – Chants

Using chants and chanting in ritual is one of my favorite parts of ritual. When I was getting involved in some of my first public circles I found that some of the most powerful energy found in a ritual came out of the collective chanting and signing of a group of people in circle together. As I got more involved in writing and leading my own rituals for public groups I began to work with a lot of chants as well. I found that by teaching people chants and having them sing them in circle they always felt more part of the energy raising and the magick that was going on in the circle, even if there were no other active participation roles for them in a ritual. Chanting is all about bringing everyone and their energies together. So I wanted to share some of my favorites that I was able to find on YouTube with everyone today.

The first is a version of a circle closing chant that has become very common for those that use chants in ritual for marking the opening and closing of the circle. It will probably be familiar to many. The second one is performed by a group called Libana and can be found found on their awesome album of songs and chants called The Circle is Cast. This is one of my absolute favorites for outdoor rituals. The second one is another favorite of mine and one that I use for the quarter casting part of many of my public rituals I do. Everyone in circle chants this while those calling the quarters do their thing. And the last is a song that I wasn’t a big fan of when I heard it the first few times at rituals I’d been to but then it grew on me and it’s become one that I really like and sometimes use for grounding.

I hope you enjoy these and if you have a favorite chant and want to share, please do so in the comments! I love finding new chants! 🙂





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