Bringing out the Christmas Crazies

Lately I’ve been dealing with another battle with the “Insomnia Monster” but unlike my usually productive insomnia this one has had me doing little more than playing lots of Bejeweled and tinkering with my laptop. However at about 3am when I finally got out of bed after not being able to fall back asleep after what was nothing more than a two hour nap, I went to check my news alerts and found an interesting one about a boycott against Gap, Old Navy and Banana Republic by the conservative Christian group the American Family Association (AFA). So I wrote a piece about it over at and would like you to check that out first before going on here…go ahead, it’s not long. I’ll wait.

Welcome back! So the reason I wanted you to check that story out first is because that will be the whole basis for this slightly ranty post that I’m going to toss at you all here. When I write at I write from a more journalistic point of view. It’s not a blog, it’s a new site. So I write in a different way. Here it’s a whole other game. I try and keep my ranting down to a low roar when I can and I try not to let it get out of hand but this is a topic that, quite frankly, pisses me off every year.

Most retail companies acknowledge and understand that this is a big world. There are lots of people that believe lots of things. Most of those people don’t believe in the same thing. When the winter holiday season comes around there are many different holidays taking place. I know that there are people still living under the delusion that this is a Christian nation, but it’s not. Christianity is not the “state religion”. So why on earth would it be expected that at this time of year the only religious holiday that should be publicly acknowledged is that of the Christian faith? Why is it that when retailers are trying to make all their customers of all different walks of life and spiritual persuasions feel included in the holiday does a section of one religion have to come up and have what often boils down to a temper tantrum about their not being the exclusive holiday of choice, or at least being head of the pack?

Now, I know not all Christians feel this way. I know there are plenty of open and accepting Christians out there that are find with those of other faiths openly practicing and acknowledging their faith at this time of year. But I have to ask one question; where are they all!?!? Why is at that they aren’t standing up and opposing these right-wing conservative Christians and saying “No! We don’t all feel this way! We say Happy Solstice, Happy Hanukkah and Happy Kwanzaa to all!” Maybe it’s just that it all again boils down to the issue of those that are talk the loudest know the least.

I’d like to tell them all to remember us evil Witchcraft practicing Pagans when they’re handing out presents from under their tree this year.

So I say no more being quiet during the holidays! If you don’t celebrate Christmas because you’re not a Christian then stand up and tell people you celebrate Yule or Modranect or Festivus if that’s what you honor! Don’t lie down and fall in line with everyone else because it’s easy! This path isn’t about “easy”; if you want to just toe the line there are lots of other places and faiths to do that in. Most of us have no problem standing up and being “proud Witches” during the month of October to set the record straight about Samhain and Halloween but then we hide back under our proverbial rocks and let Christmas often overshadow the fact that we celebrate something different. Don’t let the winter holiday season be a time for sitting down. Stand up like you do at Samhain. Celebrate Christmas with your family if that’s what you do, but at the same time acknowledge your Pagan path and don’t let the craziness and commerce of the season cause you to miss out on honoring one of the most spiritual times of the year in our tradition.

For those that are in the broom closet, I know this can be a tough time of year. But do what you can to acknowledge and accept your different belief and honor that holiday as well. Being in the closet with your beliefs is no excuse for doing nothing to honor your path this time of year.

If you are truly a Witch and a Pagan then you are one 365 days a year, not just the 31 days of October.

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  • b0ll0cks
    November 20, 2009 at 4:03 pm

    Fantastic post ! I really don’t get to bothered by the whole thing. I often remind my Catholic parents and family that most of their holidays were taken from Pagan ones. They usually roll their eyes and say whatever. Anyway, I just wanted to say great post, and I will make sure to add Happy Yule, and Happy Winter Solstice, to my usual holiday blog greetings this year. Oh, and I loved your reference to Festivus. Festivus For The Rest Of Us 🙂

  • Carolina Gonzalez
    November 21, 2009 at 2:45 am

    Great post! 100% with you on this. Me and my husband have been living “in the open” as pagans all our lives, and of course we have found people who has not approved what we do – but actually most people are quite respectful about our paths, and even interested in knowing more! It0s very difficult for me to understand why something so joyful and fulfilling as finding your spiritual journey has to be hidden as if it was some sort of guilty secret.

  • Juniper
    January 5, 2011 at 11:58 am

    I absolutely LOVE your rant! It really burns my ass when these ignorant groups get in a tizzy. Why do they care so much about what everyone else is doing, or not doing? I just don't understand why they are wasting so much energy condemning everyone. Ignorance is bliss but only for the ignorant, the rest of us have to suffer. 🙂 Oh and I'm "borrowing" your line "…those that are talk the loudest know the least." It is so completely true!