Goals + Intentions for 2017 *FREEBIES*

As we come to the end of 2017, I come with more gifts! The two I have for you today are ones that I’ve been doing each year for a while. They’re a couple of my favorites so I hope you enjoy them!

The first is my workbook called Celebrating 2016 – Manifesting 2017.

A handful of years ago I used to publish a spiritual/magickal datebook that included some magickal tips, articles, and two page calendar spread for each week of the year with special dates noted. I loved doing it because it was fun to create a tangible, published, hard copy book, especially at a time when people were starting to move more and more to digital products and ebooks.

It did pretty well each year, but at the end of 2012 I was getting ready to move from Boston to San Diego and I just didn’t have the time to put one out. I got a bit lazy with it and in 2104 put out a digital version. It also did well. So I did another one in 2015. But when it came time to make it for 2016 I asked some of my customers what they really thought of the datebook. What did they love, what didn’t they love, and what did they really use out of all the stuff that was in there. The main thing I hear what that people loved the journaling portion that had them looking back on the year that was ending and really getting down to what they wanted of the new year.

So in 2016 I decided to take just the journaling portion of the planner, update it a little, and give it away for free. I decided to do that again this year too.

It’s around 30 pages, it’s printable or you can fill it out on your computer.


Download Celebrating 2016 – Manifesting 2017


The other annual freebie that I have to share is the 2017 Full Moon Printable. This is a pretty PDF with the dates and names for the 2017 full moons that you can print, hang up, or keep on a computer or mobile device for reference.


Download 2017 Full Moon Calendar


And if you missed it the other day,  I also put out my 2017 Magickal Calendar printable. Grab that too and you’ll be all set with everything you need for a magickal 2017 full of spirit and intention!


Download 2017 Magickal Calendar

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  • Sunny
    December 20, 2016 at 7:45 pm

    Yay I have stuff from you on my computer! yay me! yaaay This is like the Blueberry jam you used to get at breakfast at Knots Berry farm or like seeing a caramel apple for the first time. Or like deciding your going to be a witch. You know stuff like that.