Congrats to Mary!!

Just wanted to send a little shout out to Mary, our freebie reading winner for this week! Everyone answered the question correctly so all the names got tossed in the cauldron and Mary was the lucky one to get pulled!

Scott Cunningham’s first book to be published was “Shadow of Love”, an Egyptian romance novel, published in 1980. Scott attended San Diego State University for creative writing but after two years he had become more prolific at his work than any of the professors he had and so he decided to drop out and write full time. 1982 would see his first magickal work in print, “Magical Herbalism”.

As Gaidren pointed out in his response to the trivia question, Scott was roommates with Donald Michael Kraig, a now well known occult author, who introduced Scott to Raymond Buckland who lived in San Diego at the time. But it would be Raven Grimassi who Scott would begin his initiate training under in 1980. In 1982 Scott moved away from coven traditions in favor of more solitary and eclectic work which would later bring him to writing the now classic introductory books on Wicca that we know today.

So congrats to Mary for answering correctly! She’ll be getting a free Celtic Cross spread reading by me this week! Remember to keep an eye out for the weekly freebie each Monday!

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