Sacred Coven of Wild Witches

Are you looking for an online magickal family that embraces all magickal paths?
You found it!

Sometimes it can be hard to find an “in real life” magickal family.
Maybe you don’t live near a coven or circle.
Maybe you just don’t know where to find one.
Or maybe you’re one of the many, many people who would love to be part of a coven but you’re still in the broom closet and you’re a bit uncomfortable with the idea of getting involved with a group of strangers.


Do any of these sound familiar?


These are some of the reasons I created my Coven

The Sacred Coven of Wild Witches is an online coven of magickal practicers from around the world and from many traditions hosted in members only forum website. We have members who are at many different levels on their journey from brand new, just learning about magick and witchcraft all the way to initiated priestesses and lifelong witches.


We are an actual coven!
Despite being on the internet, we are as real as can be. A coven is defined as:
– a group or gathering of witches who meet regularly.

– a secret or close-knit group of associates.


That is what the Sacred Coven of Wild Witches is all about.

What We Do

As an active coven we are always working, learning, moving energy and making magick.

Right now this is what we have brewing…

If you’ve never been part of an online magickal circle or coven you might wonder what exactly happens in a space like this. Here is what we are doing in the Sacred Coven of Wild Witches:

  • Daily discussions on magick including a spell of the day {most days} or magickal tip of the day.
  • Magickally and spiritually focused challenges. These are 5 day challenges where there is a post a day with lessons and teachings to help you learn a new practice, increase your knowledge, and grow your daily practice. 

  • Bi-Monthy Book Club. We vote on a book and read together as a group, discussing our thoughts and opinions. We wrap it all up with a live chat through Zoom. 

  • Coven Rituals Online. If you haven’t participated in an online ritual before, don't be fooled! It’s not as ridiculous as it sounds. Think of it as a guided meditation or ritual where a whole bunch of people are following along doing it as the same time. It's a true coven experience as we connect in the ethers spiritually and work magick while honoring the moons and seasonal holidays {esbats and sabbats}.

  • Coven Livestreams will happen often, some planned and some in the moment, where I will lead discussions, teachings, Q&As, reading circles, and more. If you ever followed me on Periscope and you remember things like Coffee and Cards, Miracle Monday, the Mantra Challenges…those are the things you can expect.
  • Outer Circle and Inner Circle Structure. Starting in late spring 2018 we will begin an Inner Circle for more advanced members who want to explore some deeper topics and practices together. The Outer Circle will remain free for everyone while the Inner Circle will have a monthly membership fee.

Many more things are in the works and plan to be started in the months ahead including an official Coven training for beginners.

“The first time I called myself a ‘Witch’ was the most magical moment of my life.”

Margot Adler | “Drawing Down the Moon”

If you’re reading to have your magickal moment and embrace your inner Witch, to claim your magick and to be part of a family that is here to celebrate you, come step into the Sacred Coven of Wild Witches.

Are you ready to join the coven?

If you know the Sacred Coven of Wild Witches is for you, just click below and join us. 

The Coven is currently closed to new members.
We will be open again for applications at Ostara 2018.

Hi! I'm Jess and this is my coven!

I’ve been a practicing Witch for over 30 years and have lead several traditional covens over the years.  I’ve been involved with several online coven groups as well and know the true power of people coming together, even over the internet, with the purpose of creating intentional magick and supporting each other on their paths.  


This is a passion project, something I’m doing truly out of my love of the Craft, and something separate from my professional magickal work.


I decided to create the Sacred Coven of Wild Witches as a way to share my love of teaching and magick with those who don’t have the option to be part of a coven locally but who truly want that kind of connection. 

is the Sacred Coven of Wild Witches for you?

This is for you if...

  • You're looking for an online family of wild witches, gypsy souls, and sacred weirdos who embrace magick and spirituality as part of their daily lives.
  • You'd like a place where you can ask questions and grow your knowledge of magickal ritual and spiritual practice.
  • You are open to the idea that all spiritual and magickal traditions have something to offer and all are valid.

This is not for you if...

  • You don't have the time to be active within an online group participating in discussions, rituals, and activities.
  • You might consider yourself to be someone who is very set in their ways when it comes to magick and spirituality and aren't open to learning new things.
  • You're looking for a place where you can share info about your business or social media to get clients and followers.

The sacred coven of wild witches is waiting!

If you’re ready to join your magickal sisters and brothers in spirit, join us!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a cost for joining the coven?
No! The Sacred Coven of Wild Witches is completely free. It is something I am doing totally out my passion for the Craft and magickal community. While I do not ask for payment to join donations are always appreciated.

Where does the coven meet?
The coven gathers in a private member’s only website with forums, chat rooms, and more.

Are there any requirements to join?
The requirements to join the coven are an open heart, an open mind, and the willingness to be an active participant.

What times do the livestreams happen?
The times will vary. It is my hope to do things at different times in order to accommodate as many people as possible and give everyone an opportunity to participate live.

Are there replays of the live events available?
Yes! They will always be available in the coven group when the event ends.

What is the privacy of the group?
Our website, chat, and forums are closed to members only. Only people in the coven will see anything that happens in our forums and everyone is bound by a privacy agreement upon membership. 


Please Note: The Sacred Coven of Wild Witches is only open to members age 18 and over, no exceptions.

“On every full moon, rituals … take place on hilltops, beaches, in open fields and in ordinary houses. Writers, teachers, nurses, computer programmers, artists, lawyers, poets, plumbers, and auto mechanics — women and men from many backgrounds come together to celebrate the mysteries of the Triple Goddess of the Dance of Life. The religion they practice is called Witchcraft.”

Starhawk | “The Spiral Dance”

Join us in the Sacred Coven of Wild Witches

Your magickal family is waiting.

The Coven is currently closed to new members.
We will be open again for applications at Ostara 2018.

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