What does your spiritual practice look like?

Spiritual practice is a powerful tool but it’s a complicated one. Sometimes we lose sight of why we do our practice and spend more time comparing our practice to what others do or what we believe we’re supposed to do. Crafting Your Practice is a practical workbook filled with lessons in practice, journaling prompts for clarity, and tips to help you create your practice your way!

Here's what you'll learn In this free workbook:

  • How to identify the things that block you from having a supportive daily spiritual practice.
  • Exactly what kind of spiritual support you need so you're not spending time on things that don't help you.
  • All the reasons why trying to do your practice the way someone else does just sets you up for failure.
  • You'll also dig in deep with powerful journaling questions to get you in a frame of mind to truly reflect on your relationship to your Higher Divine Self and the Universe to better understand what your spiritual practice should look like

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Doing someone else's practice will never work for you,so do it your way!

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