Creating Your Radiant Soul

Today’s card says “I practice the Science of Deliberate Creation.”  On the back…“Giving thought to anything is creation; giving deliberate thought to anything is deliberate creation.”  This is, to say the least, your classic reminder about the Law of Attraction.  When we’re actually thinking and putting intent behind our thoughts we’re able to really create the life and path that we desire. But the trick here is that there is still science and power behind out non-deliberate thoughts too, so we always are best living mindfully of what we think since that’s what we create.

One of the things that I hear from people when the Law of Attraction come up is this horrible feeling that they have some how ruined their lives without knowing it.  “So because I’ve never been aware of this thing and I’ve always talked down to myself and stuff does that means I’ve ruined my own life?”  No, not really.

There’s no denying that when you think negative things you draw more negative things, but when we’re not aware of the science behind intentioned thought and deliberate creation it’s something that we’re doing in a little bit of a different way.  Yes, we drew some of these negative things into our life, but we didn’t create them on purpose.  In my experience these things are much easier to turn around because they don’t have that strong hold that something created intentionally has.  So even if you’ve spent 50 years of your life thinking negatively, you can turn it around by creating what you really desire with deliberate thought.

So basically, here’s the trick.  As of right now, stop thinking without “thinking”.  When you do find that you were thinking something that was less than positive and less that helpful for your life you want to create  neutralize the thought before it does too much to you. Simply stop yourself and visualize a big VETO stamp on that thought and say “I ground this and neutralize this thought because it doesn’t serve my highest good.”  Then find how you can turn it around to make it something you DO want and rethink and restate it with deliberate thought and intent to help you create what you truly desire.

Remember, be gentle with yourself.  Learning to live and think with these methods and creating your radiant soul takes time!  Nobody becomes a shining beacon overnight.  Gently take one step at a time, applying one principle at a time, and soon you’ll be doing these things without even thinking!


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