Full Moon in Capricorn Spell to Destroy Unwanted Personality Traits

This weekend, on July 8th {or 9th depending on your time zone} we will have quite the full Moon. The Moon will be in Capricorn, but the Moon will be 1 degree away from Pluto which will be opposite from the Sun. What does this mean? Oy…a lot.

Let’s break it down.

It’s the Full Moon, a great time for magick of all kinds but especially honoring the culmination, completion, and preparation for starting a new. It’s a good time for anything that needs a blast of extra energy, including things like releasing and removing, something that we usually work with during the Waning Moon. Since this is the next phase of the Moon taking advantage of the Full Moon power is a great way to start these things.

This particular Full Moon, the July Full Moon, is known by a few different names including the Thunder Moon, Buck Moon, Hay Moon, Blessing Moon, and Honey Moon.

The Moon will be in Capricorn. The energy in Capricorn is centered around career, ambition, and political kind of matters. This is a time when people may feel a strong sense of duty and they become more practical in order to achieve things, sometimes at the expense of other people’s feelings.

The Moon is going to be conjunct Pluto, being only 1 degree away from it. This is going to create a vibe that urges us to decide if we’re going to willingly change with things happening around us or will we allow chaos to destroy us and force change in a bit of an ugly way.

Pluto can be a bit of a dark planet but its energy is necessary. Pluto brings transformation and destruction but also the opportunity for powerful rebirth.

The Sun is going to be directly opposite Pluto which will add another layer to this. With the Sun being associated with our sense of self and personal identity as it stands across from Pluto’s chaotic transformation we may find ourselves questioning ourselves, feeling shame and guilt, and even feeling resentment towards others who we perceive as doing better than us in the workplace.

So when we put this all together…

This weekend’s Full Moon in Capricorn will bring a lot of touchy emotions to the surface. Dealing with others might be a little rough because you may not realize that you’re not taking their feelings into consideration. This could lead to some explosive fallout that could rock some of those connections. You may also find yourself being extra hard on you as your Inner Critic revels in this energy.


When I was trying to think of what spell to create for this Moon I wanted to take all of these different things into account and not just the Full Moon in Capricorn. What I came up with is a spell to help you willing give up, sacrifice, and destroy the aspects of your personality or the traits you’ve been acting out that have been holding you back from your dreams and goals.



Full Moon in Capricorn

Spell to destroy emotions that are holding you back


You Need:

  • printed Spell Mat
  • baby food jar
  • tacks, nails, sharp objects
  • Rue
  • Dill
  • Salt
  • Mint, Rosemary, or Basil essential oil {or a Banishing blend}
  • Black candle
  • Piece of Paper
  • Black pen
  • Tower Card
  • Ace of Swords Card
  • Pencil or Knife

Also have a candle holder, matches or lighter, incense if you’d like to add it, and sage to help smudge yourself and your space before you work.

After smudging take your carving tool {I like to use a dull pencil for this} and on one side of the candle carve your name. On the other side carve the words “ banish and clear.”

Anoint the candle fully with your chosen oil. Be sure to anoint the base of the candle but avoid the wick. Place the candle in your holder.

Place the candle in its place on the spell mat and light it. As you do say:

Banish these energies that hold me back
Clear the way and get me back on track.

If you’re going to use incense you can light that from the flame of the candle to spread this clearing energy.

Take a moment to gaze on the candle and feel out what traits and energies you need to release.

On the piece of paper write out the emotions, attitudes, personality traits, and other ways of being that you feel are holding you back. For instance if you realize you tend to have a negative attitude about your job you might write this down with the intention that by removing your negative attitude you’ll be able to do better at work which could be helpful and profitable for you down the road {because you know nobody wants to promote or give a raise to an utterly miserable bitch}.

Roll the paper up like a little scroll and put it in the baby food jar. Add to this the sharp objects and a tablespoon or so of each of the herbs to the jar.

Place the jar on its place on the spell mat.

Read your petition from the spell mat out loud.

Take up your two tarot cards, the Tower and the Ace of Swords. You’re going pass the card over the jar as you receive their invocations and place them on their spaces on the spell mat.

First take the Tower card and pass it over the jar saying:

I welcome the chaos of destruction as a necessary part of moving past my blocks.

Place it in its place on the spell mat.

Next take the Ace of Swords and pass it over the jar saying:

I fearlessly take up the sword of my power to cut through the ties to things that hold me back.

Place it in its place on the spell mat.

Pick up the jar and start shaking it. As you do this start slow, thinking about the desire to let go of the thing that you placed in the jar. As the energy begins to build and the desire to let go grows, allow the rhythm of the shaking to naturally increase in strength and speed. As you do this you can chant if something comes to mind, you can hum, or you can sing…you can simply chant

Destroy these energies
Let this go

When you feel you have hit a point where the energy hits a peak {CAREFULLY} “slam” down the jar on the spell mat and let out a shout, scream, or a forceful “And So It Is” as a way to let out the energy you’re holding on to.

Put the candle out and leave everything on your altar.

For the next 5 days repeat this spell until the candle burns down. Doing this for about 15-20 minutes a day should do the trick.

When you’re done and the candle has burned out, take the jar somewhere off your property and smash it. You can do this by wrapping it up in a towel and smashing it against a rock or the ground or hitting it with a hammer. Then take everything and toss it in the trash, also off your property.

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