Guiding the Thoughts of Your Radiant Soul

Today is an interesting day in the world of Your Radiant Soul.  Today we have two cards and the reason there are two cards is because we already had the first one that was drawn come up this week.  That was the card of guidance which we saw on Wednesday (revisit this post for a refresher).  Today’s second card is about our thoughts.  It says “Physical well-being is only one good thought away.”  On the back “You could have every disease know to man within you today, and if you chose different-feeling thoughts tomorrow, they would all leave your body.  The key is to not give any unwanted thing much attention  When it doesn’t feel good – turn your attention someplace else.”

Now, I know how some people might look at that.  “Oh, what new age hogwash is this now?”  Well, in part there is truth to it no matter how much you believe in the idea of how our thoughts and body function together.

When I was learning Usui Reiki I started to learn to pay more attention to how my thoughts impacted my physical body.  One of my Reiki teachers presented the idea of how Reiki works on an instinctual level by using the example of how, even from the time we’re children, if we hurt a finger, for example, the first thing we do it put it in our mouths.  If we bang our knee our reaction is to rub it.  There is an innate inner response to use touch to try and sooth the pain.

In a similar sense we have an internal guidance that tells us what we need to do to care for our physical body, but unlike the finger-in-mouth reflex we don’t always pay attention to that guidance.  I used to always resist taking naps when I was tried because I thought that meant I was lazy.  Then I started to slowly give in.  I would try to push through the urge to nap and would find that I was highly distracted, thinking about going to bed at night and not getting much done.  When I started to take a nap here and there, eventually making it almost a routine, I found that a few things happened.  When I got up and got back to whatever work I had to do for the day I was much more productive.  This thing that was nagging at my inner voice wasn’t there anymore.  I also started to notice that my dreams during these nap periods were often lucid and had very psychic overtones.  So I stopped seeing these as times where I was being lazy by times that my body and my mind really needed to take some time to function in a different way; I can tell you I was most certainly “working” during a lot of these naps!

So when you’re inner guidance is nagging at you about something with regard to your body, listen!  Whether it’s to take a nap, go for a walk, change the way you eat, whatever it is!  Then think positively about whatever actions you’re taking knowing you’re following your true divine guidance.  And don’t dwell on not feeling well.  If you’re feeling sick, cold, tired, in pain, do something about it!  And remember that what you think you become…if you keep dwelling on feeling sick, you’re only going to keep feeling sick.  But if you focus on feeling well (less pain, etc) you’ll find you get better much faster…truly.


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  • James Bulls
    July 24, 2011 at 7:15 pm

    I agree with you on the importance of listening to your body. I’m only 28 – hardly an “old guy” by any measurement – but I’ve noticed that in the past couple years my body doesn’t accept physical punishment as well as it did 10 years ago. When I was in the Marine Corps (and for years after that as a martial artist when I was training for the competition circuit) I could put my body through some really intense training and it didn’t bother me as much. Now when I train hard and get sore, I can’t keep pushing myself – I *must* take a break, do much more stretching, and wait for my body to recover or else I’ll turn into a physical wreck. Lol… my body never sent me these messages before, so it’s taken me a while to learn that I really do have to listen to what it’s saying.