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What Is Intuitive Badass?

Intuitive Badass is a four module online self-study course designed to help you awaken your intuition and access your Divine Wisdom with tarot cards.

Discover how tarot cards and your intuition can combine to access powerful guidance, clarity, and insight any time you need it. You’ll go from intuitive newbie to intuitive badass, connected to her deepest wisdom with the know how to access it anytime anywhere using tarot cards. It is designed to help anyone who wants to access their intuition through the tarot no matter what level of experience you have or how busy your are. Dive deep at your own pace and unless your true tarot skills! 

Here's What Past Intuitive Badass Students Have To Say:

“I thought Jess Carlson’s Intuitive Badass course was fantastic! I learned so much from taking the course and was able to utilize it in my tarot readings. It was able to help me read the cards more intuitively and to understand what the cars were telling me. I would highly suggest this course to anyone interested in tarot reading. No matter where you are in your tarot journey, this course will help. I certainly learned a lot!”

Kylie Ann W.

“I’ve grown so much from taking the course. I’ve been reading for a long time, but it seems like I get in a rut. Looking at tarot and reading during and after the class is like a big breath of fresh air. I feel renewed, my readings are better. I look at the cards and messages in a whole new way. I love how personable Jess is. Reading the course material is like sitting down one-on-one with Jess and just talking tarot. I loved learning tarot from Jess from her first book to her first class, to where she has evolved today. Tarot isn’t static, tarot readers and teachers shouldn’t be either. Jess is a wonderful example of what intuitive tarot is all about. I would absolutely recommend Intuitive Badass! The atmosphere of the class and group is very inclusive. There are no judgments, just a very supportive understanding attitude that everyone has to start somewhere.”

Julia P.


My confidence level has risen considerably since taking the Intuitive Badass course as a refresher. For the beginner or the advanced Tarot reader, this is an excellent class. Jess often brings to light hidden talents in her students and then helps them to recognize, organize, and optimize those skills. Jess is the real deal.

Patrick C.

I don’t personally plan to read professionally, but I do love reading for myself every day and doing readings for people here and there.  I think a lot of people feels there is this kind of mystical wall around it that makes them feel like if they weren’t born with ‘The Gift’, they can’t do it.  Even though I’m not totally there yet, I do feel much more confident. I know to push myself a little to go deeper and explore the messages I’m getting from the cards in more than just the framework of the keywords. I feel less like a fraud on the few occasions I do read for my friends, whereas before I would usually just second guess every word with wondering whether it was just my personal understanding of the individual I was reading for. Nothing about Intuitive Badass is overwhelming or too woo for the average enthusiast, but at the same time it honors the spiritual energy of the practice in such a way to make it seem natural to participate with it.

Amy P.

This is the first online class I’ve taken like this, so I was a bit nervous to see how it would play out.  I’m a complete beginner and knew nothing of the card  meanings. I love the combination of traditional reading and intuition. The methods taught made me feel much more confident when I do readings. Now I trust my intuition while reading (and in general), and feel like I have a really nice general knowledge base for the traditional meaning of the cards that doesn’t interfere too much with my instincts and intuition.  I’m also more confident in making spreads and doing readings in general. Before the class I was very intimidated and would not be comfortable doing this without consulting a book/guide. I feel now I can do this independently, and my desire to increase my knowledge base has grown. I would definitely recommend Intuitive Badass! It’s perfect for beginners or anyone who wants to increase their confidence with the tarot.

Megan L.

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