Intuitive Badass


Intuitive Badass is a six week online course designed to help you learn how to awaken your intuition and access it through the use of tarot cards for guidance, clarity, and insight. You’ll go from intuitive newbie to intuitive badass, connected to her deepest wisdom with the knowhow to access it any time any where using tarot cards.

Your intuition is a powerful tool, but are you making the most of it?

Did you know that the tarot is one of the most popular ways for people to connect more deeply with their intuitive voice and higher self?

Did you also know that anyone can read the tarot without having to memorize meanings, read tons of books, and spend years studying before doing their first reading?

Intuitive Badass

adjective  - in·tu·i·tive / bad·ass

  • possesses strong intuition and insight
  • speaks their truth with confidence and conviction 
  • don't mind stirring up some shit with their insights 
  • is gifted and confident in their intuitive skill and isn't afraid to show it or share it

Does that sound like something you're ready for? Then keep reading!

Does this sound familiar?

  • You get this nagging feeling that, “someone” or the Universe is trying to tell you something but you just don’t seem to get it.
  • You have moments where you feel you should listen to your gut but then you doubt yourself only to realize later that you should have paid attention.
  • You spend a lot of time reading other people’s tarot card pulls on Instagram and Facebook and think, “OMG that is so right for me” and wish you could read like that for yourself.
  • You’re drawn to tarot, oracle, and angel cards because you like the look of them but you haven’t got the faintest clue how to actually read them yourself.
  • You have a deep desire to not only help yourself grow more spiritually but share deeper wisdom with others.
  • You would love to be able to get a solid “head’s up” every morning about what to expect from the day, and maybe a check-in at night to know what you may have missed.
  • You just want to live a more spiritually inspired and connected life but you feel like you’re too busy.

I totally hear you because I've been there too!

Getting in touch with your intuition can be a tricky thing. It takes time, patience, and practice. But do you wish you could just get on with it already? Do you wish you could figure out what it is that your higher self and your guides are trying to tell you?

Sometimes I find myself dipping back into this disconnected space when life gets crazy. The truth is we all do!
But with the tools of intuition, divination, and spiritual practice that I’ll share with you in Intuitive Badass you’ll get there and know how to get back any time you slip up.

What I Know Tarot Is...

Tarot is an incredible tool to help you connect to your intuitive voice, your inner divine, and your Higher Self. You can also use the cards to communicate with your guides, angels, and loved ones on the other side. When used with an intuitive and spiritual approach tarot becomes so much more than just a tool for looking into the future. It can become a solid and reliable tool for you to reach out for daily guidance and insight as well as help with specific questions and situations. I also see the tarot as what I call "the Universe's flashcards." They can be used for manifesting, magick, and meditation to help remind us of our intentions and goals as well as serve as talismans to attract certain energies into our lives.

What I Know Tarot Is Not...

Tarot is not a tool for "predicting the future" or knowing for certain what will happen in your life or anyone else's. Nothing is ever set in stone with the cards because we all have free will to do as we wish. When we see something in the cards we like, we keep doing what we're doing. But if we see something we don't like, we can make changes to avoid an outcome we don't desire. Tarot is also not a way to do "psychic spying" on people in our lives. We can't use tarot to know what others are thinking or doing outside of our everyday knowledge. What it can do is help us better understand our relationships so we can have more effective and healthy communication and connections.


At the end of Intuitive Badass you’ll:

  • know how to get clear guidance from the cards for any purpose
  • be able to read all 78 tarot cards without memorization or references
  • know what your strongest natural intuitive gifts are and how to develop them
  • have a personalized process for reading the cards for accurate insights that works with your intuitive skillset
  • know how to apply the same skills you learn with the tarot to oracle and angel cards
  • know how to read the cards for yourself as well as for others using 1, 3, and 5 card spreads
  • know how to clear your energy and the energy of your space to prepare for spiritual work
  • have a new or revived spiritual practice that’s easy to maintain
  • be able to confidently hear and understand your higher, divine self

How We Roll During Intuitive Badass

The program will take place over a total of six weeks. We will have four weeks of lessons with two weeks built in for practice and integration and Q+A. 

During our six weeks together you’ll receive:

  • Access to a Facebook community with your fellow badasses
  • Weekly lesson PDFs
  • Weekly Facebook Live with a lecture and Q&A
  • Worksheets for stretching your knowledge
  • Two guided meditations for enhancing your practice
  • Two Bonus Modules on Mediumship and Spirit Guides
  • Bonuses and surprises

Intuitive Badass Module Breakdown


This is the place for you to be if:

  • you want to jump into reading the tarot without a lot of fluff
  • you have a deep desire to connect to your intuition
  • you want to read tarot as a way to gain insight and clarity for yourself
  • you’re ready to get started with or revive a tarot practice
  • you have an interest in magickal and spiritual practice

Intuitive Badass probably isn’t for you if:

  • you don’t feel comfortable with the tarot
  • you expect to learn how to be an all-knowing, all-seeing psychic
  • you have strict religious beliefs that you do not want to work outside of
  • you are uncomfortable with meditation, magick, or new age practices
  • you aren’t able or willing to set aside at 2 hours a week for study and practice

The best part is you don’t need to have ANY tarot experience to take this course! All you need is a genuine desire to learn to use the cards to do intuitive readings (rather than ones based on memorizing meanings) and a willingness to put in the time to practice and develop your skill.
If you have that, you can be and Intuitive Badass with the cards!

Testimonials from Intuitive Badass Students

I don't personally plan to read professionally, but I do love reading for myself every day and doing readings for people here and there.  I think a lot of people feels there is this kind of mystical wall around it that makes them feel like if they weren't born with 'The Gift', they can't do it.  Even though I'm not totally there yet, I do feel much more confident. I know to push myself a little to go deeper and explore the messages I'm getting from the cards in more than just the framework of the keywords. I feel less like a fraud on the few occasions I do read for my friends, whereas before I would usually just second guess every word with wondering whether it was just my personal understanding of the individual I was reading for. Nothing about Intuitive Badass is overwhelming or too woo for the average enthusiast, but at the same time it honors the spiritual energy of the practice in such a way to make it seem natural to participate with it.

  • Amy P.

I'd worked with Jess before and knew the quality of her work.  Jess's ability to make every student/client feel special and important to her is what makes her classes/services stand out from the rest.  I learned the intuitive method of reading Tarot from Jess several years ago and have found it to still be the best method for reading beyond just the printed booklet meaning of the cards.  My confidence level has risen considerably since taking the Intuitive Badass course as a refresher. For the beginner or the advanced Tarot reader, this is an excellent class. Jess often brings to light hidden talents in her students and then helps them to recognize, organize, and optimize those skills. Jess is the real deal. She is honest, blunt but kind, and will always give more than expected. She has become more than a teacher, more than just a trusted Tarot reader, she has become my friend.

  • Patrick C.

This is the first online class I've taken like this, so I was a bit nervous to see how it would play out.  I'm a complete beginner and knew nothing of the card  meanings. I love the combination of traditional reading and intuition. The methods taught made me feel much more confident when I do readings. Now I trust my intuition while reading (and in general), and feel like I have a really nice general knowledge base for the traditional meaning of the cards that doesn't interfere too much with my instincts and intuition.  I'm also more confident in making spreads and doing readings in general. Before the class I was very intimidated and would not be comfortable doing this without consulting a book/guide. I feel now I can do this independently, and my desire to increase my knowledge base has grown. I would definitely recommend Intuitive Badass! It's perfect for beginners or anyone who wants to increase their confidence with the tarot.

  • Megan L.


Course materials will be emailed to you each Monday as well as made available within our Facebook Community. Everything happens online! Facebook Live events will be recorded for you to watch any time.

September 12th - Enrollment officially opens

October 8th - Enrollment officially closes

October 1st - Access to Facebook Community begins

October 9th - Class beings, first lesson delivered

November 17th - Class ends, last official day, bonuses delivered


Do you have to have a Facebook account to participate in Intuitive Badass?

No, you don't but you'll certainly miss out on a lot without one. However, all the course materials and links to watch replays of the Facebook Live videos, will be delivered via email. By not participating on  Facebook you'll miss out on being part of the live sessions and you won't be able to interact with me or your classmates.




Everyone loves some extras, right? At the end of the program everyone will receive:

Tarot Journal - A printable tarot journal designed to be a place for you to record your personal experiences and interpretations of the cards.

Tarot Spread Collection - An ebook containing some of my favorite and most used tarot spreads for you to experiment with.

Tips, Tricks + Tarot Hacks - An ebook with some of my favorite tarot practice tips, magickal recipes, and rituals with the cards.

Intuitive Affirmation Cards - A set of printable affirmation cards that you can use to keep yourself inspired and on track with your reading practice

Lifetime Access to Updates - As I turn the program into a self-study course you’ll have access to changes and updates to the program

{these bonuses will be available to you November 17th}



Sign up for Intuitive Badass by September 20th and pay in full and you'll receive a $100 gift code for my Etsy shop The Gypsy Soul Reading Room. Use it to purchase anything in my shop, from readings to digital products, to journals and tarot decks.


Jess Carlson


Jess Carlson is a Buddhist, Witch, and Shamanic practitioner. As a spiritual mentor and intuitive reader she helps women craving more spirit and magick in their lives to get in touch with their inner badass goddess so they can have the power and confidence to take control of their lives and manifest their purpose. Jess has been an intuitive reader using tarot, oracle, and angel cards for over three decades. Her approach to both teaching and reading tarot is a combination of commonly held tarot practices and gut fueled intuition. Jess believes without any doubt that if someone truly has an interest in learning to read the cards and a willingness to dive in and do the work, anyone can read tarot like an intuitive badass.

Jess Carlson has completed the Spirit Junkie Masterclass Level One Training with Gabrielle Bernstein. She is also a Certified Biddy Tarot Reader, Certified Intuitive Tarot Consultant, Certified Angel Card Reader, a graduate of Beautiful You Coaching Academy, and an accredited coach and teacher with the World Metaphysical Association. For more information on Jess and her list of certifications, feel free to have a look here.