It’s Samhain! Here’s a Freebie!

By now you’re all kinds of well aware of the fact that my October hasn’t gone as planned.  My new ebook “Samhain: The Celtic Festival of the Dead”should have been outback on October 19th, but needing to take time to do some grieving, some healing, and getting my wits about my again.  My Samhain book, which I’m so excited about, will still be coming out but it wont be until some time in November.  One thing I can say, the Yule ebook will be out very early in December because it’s pretty much already written.  That’s good news.  But I have even more good news!  I have a free preview of my Samhain book for you that you’re not going to want to miss!

I wanted to have something to share for Samhain, and while I still don’t have the ebook ready I do have this.

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What you’ll get here is a preview of some of what you’ll get in my upcoming ebook on Samhain.  This is a Samhain ritual for honoring those who lost their lives during the Salem Witch Trials.  The ritual also includes spell work and a meditation.  Within this ebook sample you’ll also find a summary of the events that transpired during the trials and some recipes for incense, oils, and soul cakes for your ritual.  Everything you find here will be in “Samhain: The Celtic Festival of the Dead” when it {finally} comes out.  Hopefully this ritual and the other information within will be able to inspire you this Samhain!

Also, don’t forget…today is your last day to take advantage of my Halloween Reading Specials!


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