Looking with a “Glimpse”

Today, while pulling a card for the daily card on my Facebook page, I came across a card in my Wild Wisdom of the Faery deck that I have never pulled before.  The card is called “Glmpse”. The image is quite an interesting one because of the energy that it seems to carry and the look on the face of the faery in it seems to convey a sense of innocence as well as a little fear or trepidation.  Normally I don’t talk about the cards over here on the blog, but I got a lot of interesting impressions from this that I couldn’t express in the 400 and whatever characters that Facebook allows in the status update.  So I thought it would be worth giving it a little more depth here. The reason is that the messages about being able to “see” things that others can’t made me think about the need for those who have these gifts to share them with those that don’t.

The look on the face of the faery here is one of watching…he’s looking and he’s waiting to see if anyone is looking back.  And if they are looking back and someone catches him watching them he’s going to disappear behind that tree in pretty short order.  And is this not how we sometimes approach working with the spirit world or the Fair Folk?  We want to observe them and we want to connect but only from a distance at times and when we notice that they are taking notice of us we run for cover.

Looking through the book that comes with the deck, the thing that stuck me was this:

Seeing straight through illusions and speaking your truth needs to start now!  You have been “seen” by the faeries as one of the evolving human ones, and as such you are responsible to your own truth, not to any exterior source of authority. Refuse to be dictated to.

The reason that this got me was it made me think about how so many people in the magickal community, but certainly not all, try and hold on to their ability to “see” as though it’s only something for them.  They don’t want to share what they know or they don’t want to share how they know it.  It’s as though they’ll then be “seen”.

I think we’re coming into a time where we really need to start sharing more of what we see and what we know.  While some people would say that the world is coming to its “end times” or what have you, really what is happening is a change of an age and a change of perception.  The things that we know and the way that many of use see the world can be a huge help for people that may have a hard time with these changes.  For those who have magickal and psychic gifts already developed this can be a huge chance to help heal.

The big trick for many has been in the past, and will be in the future, dealing with the feeling of not being “normal”.  Being seen as a “weirdo” or a “freak”.  Many people who have the ability to see and connect with the spirit world, when sharing with those who have no experience with such things, feel that they are being judged.  And that may well be the case at times, but this shouldn’t be the reason to not share, teach, or heal those that seek it or need it.

So I guess the thing that the card was staying to me today was “Wake up, look around, see what there is to be seen but then don’t hoard that for yourself.  Share it with the world and let people know ‘we’re’ here.”

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