Mabon 2010 pictures

I have a few pictures from my Mabon ritual to share.  I didn’t take too many this year because I had some spellwork to do that corresponded with the full moon, so the pictures are pre-ritual.  It’s been a while since I had any sort of ritual mishap, but this evening while doing ritual my bottle of ritual oil that I was using for anointing just fell over while sitting on the altar.  It was sort of funny when it happened because just before it tipped over I was thinking “mmm…this stuff smells awesome…and I have a whole bottle of it!”  And sure enough it just falls over and about half the bottle spells out.  So I chuckled to myself as I hard in my head “and there’s a sacrifice”.  But everything else went well, the energy was amazing, and everything was lovely and it marked a wonderful Mabon and Harvest Moon.  Tomorrow night I’ll be going to the celebration here in town with everyone at Tree of Life.  I’m looking forward to that.

The full view of the altar.

The tools and the top of the altar.

This is the top of the altar where I have a beeswax Mabon candle from Tree of Life, the yummy Mabon oil that spilled all over came from Raven’s Loft, the little pumpkin which has offering flowers to honor the dead came from The Well and Spindle, and then my Mabon incense blend and an applewood wand made for me by my aunt (engravings and all).

Another looking at items on the altar.

And the best shot I could manage of the altar before starting ritual.

Hope you all had a wonderful Mabon!!!

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