Magic For Your Week – Inspiration

This week’s Witchling card is InspirationAn inspired mind is willing to reach beyond limitations.  One of the biggest reasons that people fall off track with their dreams or give up on their goals is a lack of inspiration, not really a lack of desire or even willingness to do the work.  If you’re not inspired to take action then nothing ever manifests.

This week let’s look at a few simple tools you can use for an inspiration boost!

Rather than spells, per se, this week we’re looking at a few little things you can add to your actual actions you take with whatever you’re working on.  We’re working to create inspired action here.


Inspiration Spray


You’ll Need:

  • Bergamot Essential Oil
  • Sweet Orange Essential Oil
  • Peppermint Essential Oil
  • Distilled Water
  • Small Spray Bottle {cobalt or amber glass bottles are best}
  • Small Quartz Crystal Stone or Chips

Put 4-5 drops of each oil into the spray bottle {adjust for suit your scent preference while also keeping in mind the size of the bottle…bigger bottle needs a bit more oil}.

Add the water.

Add the quartz.

Cap and shake.

Every time you’re feeling tired, drained, uninspired, spritz a bit around you.  I actually like to spritz this right on my face {test the oils on your skin to make sure you’re not allergic to any of these before doing this}.  These oils are all awakening and inspiring and together they are like a big jolt for your energy!  The quartz helps to keep the contents fresh.


Inspiration Map

You’ll Need:

  • A blank journal
  • Pens, pencils, markers, watercolors, whatever you like to use
  • Inspiration Spray {why not!}
  • Candles or Incense that inspire you

Have you heard of Mind Mapping?  This is what we’re going to be doing here but a little differently than traditional mind mapping.  When you do a mind map you’re really creating a flow chart for steps to take with something but here we’re going to use this as a way to create a map for inspiration.

Here’s an example of a mind map…

Photo Credit: Okote via Compfight cc

Let’s start with your center point because that’s where everything comes from.  Draw you!

From here, draw branches, like Joe has done with Success, Career, etc.  Where do you want to be inspired?

Write branches named for the different areas of your life where you feel you need some inspiration.  Being adding words or images representing things that have inspired you here in the past.  Does this spark any new ideas?  Is there anything from the past that you could revive in the present?

Have some Inspiration Spray!

Once you’ve gone through and set the groundwork for your inspiration map, leave it be.  Put your journal somewhere handy and whenever you hear something, get an idea, or find a spark of inspiration that connects to one of your branches, add a “leaf” to your branch and write it down.

Over time this becomes a big map of ideas that you can come back to time and time again when you need to find ways to get inspired.  Sit with it, meditate, free form journal, and come back to it when you need a little something to get your inspiration wheels turning.

I’ll also give you a tip here…doing this in art journal form will make this LOTS of fun and you’ll be inspired to work with it.

Need a little more help getting inspired to take some action?  There are still a few Spiritual BFF Sessions available through May. At the end of May I’m closing this program down again and it will only be available for members of the Wild Spirit Tribe.

Go get inspired this weekend and tell me about your inspired action plan in the comments!

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