March Crow Full Moon

Sunday March 12th is next full moon, the Crow Moon. This moon for March will be in the sign of Virgo. For many of us this moon is going to happen in the morning at some point, so please don’t hesitate to work your full moon magick the night before. The waxing energy right before a full moon is much more powerful than using waning energy that comes after it.

This moon is the final full moon of the winter. Here in San Diego it’s already starting to feel a bit like summer, but the fact is we’re actually still in the winter season. With this final winter moon, this is a great time to prepare for the planting season. Not just in the “hey, I’m planting some flowers” kind of planting but mentally and spiritually too.

The name for this moon comes from the association with the sound of crows coming back as the winter ends. Another name this moon has is the Worm Moon. The worms are starting to turn around in the soil near the surface. The crows and other birds that are starting to return can often be seen pulling worms out of the ground for their lunch. Life in all its form is waking up and returning to the earth.

In general the Crow Moon is great for working on fertility, embracing innocence and purity, and putting energy into success and prosperity. I actually prefer this as a time for focusing on the combined idea of planning or planting intentions for prosperity in the coming spring season. When the next full moon comes we’ll focus on the idea of planting seeds, but during this moon we’re focused on preparing for that. Think of this as the time to till the soil before the actually planting begins.

With this full moon being in the sign of Virgo we have an energy that pulls us to start planning by analyzing the details of things. We are less inclined to look at the big picture right now and instead make decisions based on specifics.

Put these two energies together and we have a great opportunity to get really detailed and specific about what we can do to ensure success during the spring season.

Before working on the spell for this month, take time to think about one goal or desire that you have for the next three months. Ideally this is something that you can realistically accomplish by the end of the spring season. If your goal you have right now is something big that’s going to take a year or more to accomplish, what’s a small step toward that goal that you can complete by the summer?

Once you know what your goal will be for the spring, get an idea of what success would feel like when you get this thing done. Don’t worry about how you accomplish it, just focus on how it feels to have accomplished it. And be sure to grab your spell mat for your spell!


Crow Full Moon



Crow Full Moon Spell for Paving the Path to Success

You’ll Need:

  • Spell Mat printed out
  • 1 White Candle
  • 1 piece of Green Aventurine
  • 1 piece of Pyrite
  • Seven of Pentacles tarot card
  • Ten of Pentacles tarot card
  • Van Van Oil {or blend equal parts Orange and Lemon essential oils}
  • 1 Dried Bay Leaf
  • A Marker
  • All the usual supplies {candle holder, lighter, etc}
  • Your preferred altar tools and set up


Feel free to add anything else here that you would like such as incense or additional candles and oils. Use this just to get you started. You can also add this spell as part of another moon ritual or you can cast a circle to work this spell if you wish.

Take your candle and dress it with Van Van oil in long downward strokes going from the top of the candle to the base. While doing this focus on the idea of success and how you’re looking to achieve it. Feel yourself being and living successfully. Take your time and really direct your intentions into the candle while you anoint it.

Place the candle in the holder and put it on your spell mat.

Take a few moments to reflect on this desire for success and when you’re ready light your candle.

Seven of PentaclesNext, place your Seven of Pentacles card directly in front of you so you can really see it well. Hold the green aventurine in your non-dominant hand {the hand you don’t write with}. You can use the Seven of Pentacles from any deck you wish, but in the Rider Waite deck you’ll see the image of a man tending his garden and working to help his crops grow. But he’s taking a break from the work to contemplate what he needs to do next. It’s a moment of pause but not a moment of ceasing the work.

Imagine yourself as the figure in the Seven of Pentacles. When you look at the crops that you are tending to, what details stand out? What do you see as the next thing you need to do? As you pause to recenter yourself, what thoughts or ideas about the work come up for you? What next steps seem to nudge at you?

Take your time to really feel into the card. Imagine yourself as the figure in the card. What does the card’s energy make you think, feel, see, hear? Pay close attention to anything that pops into your head. When you’re done, place the card on your spell mat in its spot to the left of the candle. Place the green aventurine in it’s spot above the card.

Ten of Pentacles Next, do the same with the Ten of Pentacles and the pyrite stone, this time focusing on what it feels like to have all the success you’re after. In the Rider Waite several generations of a family are together enjoying the rewards from years of combined efforts to find abundance and success. Imagine that you’re the old man in this card, sitting comfortably watching your family enjoy their lives without worry about abundance. You have been successful and your hard work has paid off well.

How does it feel to be successful? How does it feel to share your success with others? Really put yourself in the card and connect to this idea of having everything you desire, both possessions and emotional rewards.

When you’re done place the Ten of Pentacles in the spot for it on the spell mat to the right of the candle and place the pyrite in its spot above the card.

Next, take your bay leaf and hold it between your hands and gaze on the candle. The candle sits between these two cards that represent the hard work and the reward of that work. It’s this space in between where this fire burns that you need to focus, draw energy from, and be connected to. With this moon we’re looking at the details, so listen here for guidance on how to move from the Seven of Pentacles energy into the Ten of Pentacles energy.

This bay leaf you hold represents the laurel crown of success and it draws this energy to you. Take your marker and carefully write the word “SUCCESS” in capital letters along with your name on one side of the leaf. Hold it again and recite the petition on the spell mat out loud. Really feel the desire for success and the desire for help and guidance to get there.

When your’e done place the bay leaf on its place on the spell mat. Allow the candle to burn down.

When the candle burns out, take everything off the spell mat. On your altar or another place where things can be left undisturbed, place the two tarot cards next to each other so they are touching edge to edge. Place the bay leaf over the center of the cads so half of the leaf is on each card. Leave this here while you’re working toward your chosen mini-goal during the weeks and months ahead. Take time to come back to these cards and meditate with them, burn candles with the Van Van oil if you wish; you can even add a little incense to the mix and burn sandalwood incense here to add some energy to your prayers and intentions.

Carry the stones with you as a reminder of your commitment to success.

When your goal is achieved burn the bay leaf and scatter the ashes. The tarot cards can be cleansed {smudged} with sage and returned to their deck. Continue to carry the stones or keep them on your altar for continued luck, prosperity, and success, cleansing them on the new moon when needed.


Have A Happy and Blessed Full Moon!

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