Message from Spirit {Feb 11 – Feb 17}

Welcome to another week and another Message from Spirit!  This week’s messages are brought to you by the angels and Toni Carmine Salerno’s Spirit Oracle card deck!

This week the angels are bringing through messages of love, but especially self-love, as well as connections to those around us since it’s Valentine’s week with Valentine’s Day falling on Thursday.  Here are the cards for the week…


As the week starts out we see the card Can You Feel Me.  Here the angels are asking you to not only recognize and feel your connection to your partner but most importantly to yourself!  Within you is a strong and powerful Divine being that is trying to connect with you and it’s time to truly embrace it.  As the week starts out take time to connect to your inner God/Goddess self.  Ask yourself the important questions…Who am I?  What do I want in my emotional and spiritual life?  What do I want in my physical world?  Am I living this reality or am I existing in the reality that’s been handed to me?  This week is going to be a time for awakening, being present, and finding where you really need to be putting your attention.

In the mid-week we see the card Divine Will.  This is the card of perfect, divine timing and the idea that everything happens for a reason and everything happens in its right time.  If you’re alone this Valentine’s Day, find the joy in being with yourself.  If you’re with someone, be sure to really take time to connect on a deeper level and not just “phone it in” this Valentine’s Day.  You are with them for a reason that is divine and with purpose.  Even if you’re not in the best of places right now, it’s meant to be and there is purpose for you in it.  Be sure to look within and find it.

The angels are also showing me that this could be a time for those who are looking to have a baby to really set the intention and give it a go.  A baby conceived over this Valentine’s Day will be a truly divine Indigo child!

And at the end of the week we have the Sexuality card.  With this card the angels are showing that now is a time to connect to your partner on more than just a base sexual level.  Make your sexual encounters and your times of intimacy more than just physical.  This should be a time when you can connect on a deeper spiritual level with the physical enjoyment being the byproduct of a deep connection of heart and soul.  If this is missing from your relationship now is the time to put your intentions on finding it or getting it back.  If it isn’t there then you’re missing a major piece of the puzzle of love.

This looks and feels like a really big week for those who are looking to either elevate their relationships physically but it’s especially a favorable week for those who are looking to get started on trying to have children.

Another thing that isn’t lost on me at all is that the first card is largely represented by a snake and we are just today entering the Year of the Snake with the Chinese New Year.  It is a year for attention to detail, goal setting, and focusing on what we really want and finding ways to achieve it through discipline.  It’s a time when intuition and introspection are common energies.


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